Robert Pattinson Gives First Post-Breakup Interview With Jon Stewart

Robert Pattinson gave his first interview post-breakup last night with Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. Awkward though it seemed to be for Pattinson, he still managed to make the audiences laugh and give a great interview that also covered his latest flick Cosmopolis directed by David Croneberg.

When Pattinson first joined Jon Stewart on stage, Stewart jokingly asked Pattinson what he’d been up to before pulling out a couple pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Stewart probed a little on the topic of his breakup with Kristen Stewart before moving forward, and Pattinson, though reserved, seemed to handled it well while not really commenting on it at all.

Check out the video of the interview below!

Pattinson will be doing more interviews in the upcoming days in promotion of Cosmopolis (which we have an amazing contest for here: Cosmopolis Contest), so it’s safe to say fans will be seeing and hearing more from Pattinson on this topic.

David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis will be released in LA& NY August 17th, and then in wider release on August 24th!


  1. Does Robert really not have a publicist? WOW! I can’t believe no one advised him to get one after the breakup to handle this stuff. However Jon handled this interview this class and made it funny. Awakward as it was, this was a nice way for Rob to break the ice. He has a lot of interviews to do over the next month or two. 🙁 Sucks for him. Maybe he shouldn’t be so cheap and hire a publicist. So he can avoid jerks like EXTRA (the tv show).

  2. While I want to see the new Cronenberg film, who cares about this actor guy breaking up with his actress girlfriend? It’s so high school.

  3. David Cronenberg makes such great movies, i do look forward to this movie very much.
    Not a bad interview BTW, Been hearing a lot about it on facebook lately. But, then again Twilight fangirls are crazy.

  4. Yeah this has kinda taken over the most famous Hollywood breakup I think. Was Brad and Jen – now it’s definitely Robert and Kristen. It’s awkward how much of it gets put into the public eye, but I think Robert is handling it with class.

  5. 🙂 Well, Yes Robert is a mature grown man. Not sure why he said about wanting to beat the Dark Knight Rises at the box-office though.

  6. Breaking is really so painful. Reading this Robert Pattinson First Breakup Interview I think that he had taken a right way. Thanks and keep it up…
    handling a break up

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