Robert Pattinson Isn’t Interested In Talking To Kristen Stewart

The Breaking Dawn press tour is going to get pretty awkward. Robert Pattinson continues to avoid talking to his ex, Kristen Stewart. Twilight producers are excepted to having a challenging time scheduling interviews in promotion of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 in order to keep the two from crossing paths.

A source said told website “Kristen is definitely still in love with Rob and is going through the motions of a break-up. She really wants him back but Rob is not interested in talking to her right now and that is certainly making things difficult for the plans on doing any press together for when ‘Twilight’ comes out. Chances of them being in the same room is highly unlikely. They are going to have the timing of interviews timed out to prevent awkward encounters.”

Kristen is expected to start doing press soon for On The Road, and Robert has already made several appearances in promotion of Cosmopolis. While Robert hasn’t directly addressed the breakup yet, the press keeps trying to get him to talk about it.

It’s going to be interesting to watch the Breaking Dawn press that takes place if these two continue not to talk. Then again, if they did do interviews together and pose for pictures together in promotion of the film – it would be all over every magazine, website, and entertainment TV show. One would assume that would be the goal of the Twilight producers.

Breaking Dawn hits theaters this November, so we’ll keep you guys posted!


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