‘The Vampire Diaries’ 4.19 Episode Recap and Review: Pictures of You

If there is one thingThe Vampire Diaries can do, it’s throw a party! TVD is back from its agonizing hiatus, and it’s prom night! Dancing, dresses, dates, and blood? Rebekah (Claire Holt) tests out her ability to live a human life, Elena (Nina Dobrev) accesses her inner bitch, and Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) expression reaches new heights.

“I know you said to kill her with kindness, but can’t I just kill her?” -Caroline (Candice Accola)

The gang is still determined to turn on Elena’s humanity, as well as give her the cure, despite her earlier threats. After stealing Caroline’s dress, Elena makes a priority to use her best poker face at prom. Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) try to use their past relationships with her to their advantage, but ultimately fail. Bonnie and Matt (Zach Roerig) use a friendship tactic, with still no luck. Meanwhile, Rebekah has been given a task by Elijah (Daniel Gillies). Live a day without any vampire perks and the cure is hers! Obviously this doesn’t go over too well with Klaus (Joseph Morgan). By giving the cure to Rebekah, Klaus will be forced to live a life of torture and hiding from Silas… Karma?

Just to make things even more complicated, Silas starts to get inside everyone’s head. He appears to Damon in the form of Stefan, Stefan in the form of Damon, Elijah in the form of Rebekah, and to Bonnie in the form of Jeremy (Steven McQueen). Silas should appear as Jerbear more often, because I miss seeing McQueen on my TV! Silas tries to manipulate Bonnie, using her love for Jeremy and her lack of control over her Expression. After setting the couch on fire, setting off car alarms, making a huge mass of wind, and almost killing Elena… Bonnie decides to seek Silas’ help after all. This alone prompts Silas to show his true form to her. I guess by agreeing to set loose every dead supernatural creature on Earth, Silas saw it only fitting to reveal himself. Fair deal?

Prom inevitably sucked (no pun intended), besides the fact that Bonnie and Matt won Prom King and Queen, but that didn’t stop Caroline from heading out early. To her, and our, surprise Tyler (Michael Trevino) was waiting for her! Risking his life to see her, he shared a dance with Caroline and this was possibly the cutest moment of the night, even short-lived. Sadly, as he was leaving out he ran into Klaus. Of course, seeing as Klaus truly cares about Caroline, he let Tyler go. Turns out he has bigger problems than chasing Tyler and Katherine to their deaths. After diverting the Silas issue, by having Silas appear to Elijah as Rebekah and taking the cure, Klaus receives a note from Katherine warning him of a witch in New Orleans who has something interesting for him. Hm. I guess it’s time to prepare for The Originals!

Absolutely loved this episode! Didn’t realize how much I missed TVD until I sat down to watch it. I’ll admit, Elena has been annoying me to an extreme degree, but I’m seeing progress with her character. I have a feeling that her switch won’t be flipped for too much longer. Not only that, but this episode has made me so ready to watch The Originals! I cannot wait! Although ‘Pictures of You’ had a lot of doom and gloom, it also had fun, sweet moments and excellent one-liners. At least no one managed to die last night.



  • Excited about Klaus’ journey to New Orleans?
  • Thoughts on Silas’ true form?
  • Do you feel bad for Rebekah?


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