Miley Cyrus On VMA Performance: We Knew We Were Going To Make History

Miley Cyrus broke her silence earlier today about her racy VMA performance. She spoke with MTV saying that she knew her and Robin Thicke were going to make history with the performance.

“I don’t pay attention to the negative.” Cyrus commented referencing all the criticism of her performance, “Me and Robin [Thicke,] the whole time said, you know we’re about to make history right now.”

View the full clip with Miley below.

What were your thoughts on the Miley scandal? Too trashy or totally okay? Sound off with your thoughts below!


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  1. She sounds like she only did it to get attention and be like the big stars. I thought it was really stupid. Like it wasn’t even funny or interesting I just thought it was weird and wished I could take my time seeing it back

  2. Both Miley and Robin Thicke (who seems to be getting a total pass for this “scandal,” when he was just as involved) were a disaster. They should have just cut that performance and given the time to NSYNC! That’s the main reason everyone was watching anyway.

  3. Honestly, I don’t really see what the whole “scandal” about this is. Isn’t this the same girl that did a stripper pole routine a couple of years ago? Not sure why everybody is so surprised.