PSP: The 3rd Birthday Review

Creatures known as the Twisted have taken over Manhattan. A group known as the CTI was formed to investigate these creatures. Aya Brea, an agent of CTI, uses a system known as the overdive that allows her to go into the past to try and change situations to better the future. Aya is the only one capable of using this system. The overdive device is used to warp into the past and dive into another’s psyche and temporarily take control of their body.

The game is told by episodes, and each episode has a certain number of chapters. Once you beat an episode it lets you know your clear time, your deaths, and soldier’s deaths. It also lets you know what “Feats” you completed, which are basically bonus adjectives within each chapter. It also gives you a rank which is based on each of these aspects. If you didn’t rank well you have the option later on to go back and replay that episode.

As you get through each chapter of an episode you will come across a safe zone where soldiers will be resting, and a box with a laptop on it will be waiting for you. You will use that to save the game, adjust your gear, weapons, DNA board and so on.

Throughout the game you will collect “over energy” chips which you later on can install into a DNA board. Each chip has different abilities which you can fully customize into the DNA board allowing you to do different things with your over energy. Such as healing, cross healing, antibody, critical shot, and more. As you collect more you can continue to place them into your DNA board, to which you can level up those abilities.

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