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Home Entertainment Half-Minute Hero – Super Mega Neo Climax – Review
Half-Minute Hero – Super Mega Neo Climax – Review

Half-Minute Hero – Super Mega Neo Climax – Review


Half-Minute Hero was an interesting experience for me. One that didn’t give me the best impression at first. The story of it is that an evil lord has been spreading a spell to other creatures and evil doers that will destroy the world in 30 seconds. You play the role of a hero who comes on the scene right when the spell is casted, and you have 30 seconds to defeat the one who casted the destruction spell.

The game has an RPG style with super speed gameplay. Each area you come across you work your way to defeat these evil spell casters. Sometimes you can’t just simply walk to the castle to where the bad guy is located and fight to defeat him. You have to interact with people in the surrounding villages in that area. Sometimes you even have to do extra things to be able to reach the evil doers castle. Each bad guy has a certain level in which you can beat him though. So you need to level up your character by running around and coming across automatic fights. You gain money per fight and most likely a level or two per fight. These fights obviously go by quickly, as again you only have 30 seconds to defeat the bad guys.

You might think that it’s not enough time, which sometimes, and a lot of times as you try to solve the puzzle of the map, it’s not enough time. Thankfully you work with the time goddess. In which you can pray to her (aka give her money) and she’ll reset the 30 second clock. Also, each time you pay her to change the time back, her price goes up.

The fighting works automatically. It randomly begins the battle and right away your character and the enemies just charge each other and quickly fight it out. The only thing you can control is the dash. It allows you to go about it a little bit faster, but each time you use the dash it takes health away. Also, you can buy herbs to use incase your health is getting low.

You will have times like I did where you will need 3-4 minutes to figure it out and beat an area and then you’ll have other times where it takes you less than a minute. Also, you will figure out an area and then could play it again to see if you can beat it in under the original 30 seconds.

This adds to replay value; being able to beat each area in a certain amount of time and then adding a leaderboard to go with it. It’s fun to go back and try to get better times. The hardest part about the game is getting a good time. Otherwise, it can be a very simple game if you don’t care about the time.

Another thing about the leveling system is that after you win each area, your level returns to 1. As they say, it’s 31 RPG’s each in 30 seconds of time. So a new area means a new RPG to play. However, you do get to keep your gear that you collect in each area. So even with starting the new area back at level 1, you will have an upper hand to begin with that you didn’t have at the very beginning of the game.

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