PSP Review: Gods Eater Burst

I was highly looking forward to Gods Eater Burst only to be turned off by it rather quickly. For me it was a very slow to start getting into the game from story, characters and gameplay. The story right away didn’t give me much interest and seemed to go on without significant action before I was able to get into combat. Once getting into combat came the learning curve to the controls. It didn’t take too long to get things down, but the gameplay does have some issues, mostly with the camera, which I will get into shortly.

You start the game out fully customizing your character. There is a decent selection for you to choose from, such as looks and even voice clips for when you are in battle. Later on with customization comes your gear. You buy your basic sword, gun, shield, etc. Then you can buy upgrades for your gear using money, as well as items, which you will collect along the way. It will take you a while to upgrade though as you need to do quite a bit of fighting and coming across certain items to be able to upgrade your gear.

When it comes to weapons you will be switching back and forth between a sword and your gun. When using your gun on enemies you have a good collection of different bullets to use. When accepting missions they will tell you what a certain enemy is vulnerable to and that will allow you to equip the proper bullets to use on the enemy when you come up against it. You can also customize your bullets to have different effects and be more powerful as well, which is a nice feature.

When it comes to the gameplay it’s not bad at all. It can be fun, but also frustrating. One thing I wish the enemies had is a health bar so that you know what kind of damage you are doing to it. Since there is not, you don’t get a good feel for it. This becomes a problem for me due to the whole bullet factor. When a mission tells you that an enemy is weak against a certain bullet attack (blaze, freeze, electric…) and you select that bullet, you would hope when using it that you would get some kind of feel that it actually is doing more damage than the others. I had a very difficult time getting that sense to the point where I didn’t really care on most missions what bullets I used.

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