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Home Entertainment Kyuiin Review: A Simply Awesome Playstation Game
Kyuiin Review: A Simply Awesome Playstation Game

Kyuiin Review: A Simply Awesome Playstation Game


Kyuiin is a side scrolling shooter which has been brought to us by MonkeyPaw, adding to their library of Japanese classics available over the Playstation Network.

Of course the entire game is in Japanese, so if you choose to get this and want some help to figure out the menu’s, you can go to MonkeyPaw’s website and they provide you with a simple walk through.

I will start off saying that the idea of this game intrigued me. Flying a magical vacuum cleaner to use as a weapon to destroy enemies just simply sounded odd, yet interesting.

Starting out, I must say it is indeed simply awesome and fun. The levels look great and the enemies are challenging. Of course I walked through the first few levels rather easily. However, once you continue to get further into the game the difficulty of course picks up and you will be kicking and screaming by the final level. I will also say that I’ve never been so annoyed by snow than I have after playing this game. It has a good variety in each level for your enemies that gives you new challenges throughout the game. The bosses in the game are decent as well though you can learn their patterns fairly quickly.

I will also say, there is an easy mode and difficult mode to choose from. This review is also based upon playing on easy. Once again, figuring out where that is when selecting in Japanese menus, you should visit the link above to MonkeyPaw’s website.

The gameplay as I said is fun and unique. You have your vacuum cleaner that shoots bullets as well as suck up enemies and the enemies bullets. Not everything can be sucked up, so as you play through you will learn that. However, when going for high scores, I’ve noticed the more you suck up the better the scores you get, rather than shooting everything. So learning a good strategy from shooting and vacuuming up enemies will be your plan in going after a high score. Another way of attacking for when enemies are behind you is that you have your “plug in” cord to fire back at the enemies.

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