PSP Review: Jikandia – The Timeless Land

Jikandia is a short and simple game with a classic action/platform style going for it.

In the beginning you are sent to a land known as Jikandia where time doesn’t normally exist. However, time has started once again forcing you and your group of friends to figure out what is going on and stop it.

The story isn’t really anything special, nor are the characters though they do have some silly chats with each other. When it comes to the text of the characters speaking, it’s in a rather small box so you get 3 or 4 words at a time which is annoying when reading. I’d rather try to at least have close to a sentence when reading the character dialog.

There are 10 levels to play in Jikandia. You need to defeat the bosses in each level to move on to the next level. The interesting thing about Jikandia is that before you go into a level, you get to choose how many minutes you’d like to play. From 3 to 30 minutes, it’s up to you how long you want to spend in that level. Of course the longer you spend in a level the better chances of coming across rare items and so on. Also, within each level are multiple areas designed differently for you to roam from room to room in. The neat thing is, if you play 3 minutes, then you won’t see most of these rooms compared to if you played for 30 minutes. It randomly selects what rooms to throw you into in each level, so you could play multiple times at 3 minutes and have a different experience within the level.

However, you can’t play just 3 minutes, get to the boss and then beat him to go to the next level. I had to play at least around 10 minutes in each level to get enough money and items to upgrade my character to be able to defeat the boss and move on. Your time remains ticking while you face the bosses, so if your time runs out before you defeat them it’s back to the hometown. So you certainly need to be strong enough to quickly defeat the boss in the minute and a half you usually get.

The game is fairly easy in difficulty as you progress at the beginning, but as it should, it gets more difficult the further you get. However, you don’t get a real difficult challenge until the final level. You will need to play a lot to have the gear needed going into that level and facing that boss.

The gear works well as you collect plenty while playing levels or using money to purchase upgrades at the hometown shop. You have a good selection of weapons and a magic quartz to add magic abilities to, such as extra attack power, health, guard, etc.

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