PSN Review: Sonic Wings Special

Sonic Wings Special is another fun top-down shooter that MonkeyPaw has brought over for us in the Japanese Imports section of the PlayStation Network.

One of the first things you will notice while playing through Sonic Wings Special is not that you will have awesome military jets with their own wonderful abilities to pilot. It will be the nice levels and visuals that Sonic Wings Special has to offer. You should know that it has to be pretty decent looking for me to comment on that first.

Sonic Wings Special gave me quite the challenge while playing through it. You can use the options to go away from normal and play on either easy, hard, or pro. I stayed with normal on most of my playing time. However, I did try easy and for whatever reason I swear I did better on normal. My whole point is that you will get a good challenge out of this game.

One of the challenges for me was the different type of bullets coming at me and especially at different speeds. It really threw me off each time that happened. Thankfully you can bail out of those situations if you have bombs available to use. Mind you, I’m not even talking about the bosses yet. They bring their own challenge and a lot of them are fun to go up against. Of course though, if you can you will want to use your bombs mostly on them. Each boss varies well from the other, so it is nice to see what the next boss has waiting for you.

Sonic Wings Special has a good variety of planes to use each with their own special abilities. In addition, you will unlock another plane for each character when you beat the game with them. Also, if you unlock all of the planes you will then unlock additional characters. So there is a lot for you to do in this game outside of going for your best play through and score.

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