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Home Entertainment Xbox Live Review: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Xbox Live Review: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Xbox Live Review: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet


Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet certainly does display beautiful art in this action-puzzle Xbox Live Arcade title.

You play the game in control of a ship that has multiple weapons and tools for you to use as you find them throughout the game. Each weapon and tool are needed to advance in areas of the game, and they are enjoyable to use. Whether you are moving something with your claw or clearing a path with your drill, they are each great to use. Plus, as you come across smaller enemies you will have your guns to blast away at them as well.

The gameplay handles well and is a lot of fun. Of course it’s a rather slower pace game as you try and solve the puzzle of an area, but each puzzle has been very enjoyable to solve. Though sometimes you don’t think it’s enjoyable until after you solved the puzzle. You will also come across boss fights in the game in which you have to learn how to defeat them and then take action. The boss fights in the game are a real treat as well and can be quite difficult. You will have times where you’ll need to use your weapons and times where you just need to outsmart the enemy. Not once did I not like a particular boss fight and I always looked forward to the next fight. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet does have a very nice mix of puzzle and action throughout the game that makes it very enjoyable.

When playing through Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, you will come across automatic save points so that you don’t need to worry about saving. You have unlimited lives. So if you die, you will be reset at your previous check point. They are usually pretty close to important points so not often will you die and have a long trek back.

As I mentioned at first, the art in the game is indeed very beautiful and it makes it a real joy to play through and to view it all. Also, as you play through the game and come across areas, you will find unlockable items which includes art and movies for you to view.

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