PSN Review: Shienryu

Short and simple, Shienryu is one fun shooter!

I’m going to start off saying that this is one of my favorites. My overall enjoyment with Shienryu is right at the top with fantastic looking levels and great gameplay. You have three types of weapons to use and upgrade that each have their own qualities. Right from the beginning, as I started to play through the first stage it was so easy to get into it and enjoy the game.

Shienryu provides you with good enemies and fun bosses to face with challenging bullet patterns to learn that will really give you a good run towards the end of the game. The final stages are certainly one heck of a challenge to get through. However, this game’s fun factor is high enough that you don’t mind the challenge, and that will keep you going back to this game time and time again.

The visuals in Shienryu really are great with very good level design and enemies. The effects in the visuals really stand out as well. The music is also good and fun to listen to, as you blast your way through.

One of the interesting things about Shienryu is that if you ever get bored of playing it with just your basic difficulty levels, is that there are also six additional game modes to play the game in. These modes don’t change the game up too much, but they are rather strange and interesting to try. For example, you can play a mode set up like a comedy. So each time you shoot something you’ll hear voices laugh. You’ll go mad though after playing that for too long. There is also a horror mode that slows everything down and each time you shoot an enemy you will hear screams instead. Also, you will find ancient mode where it looks like an old movie, as well as a merciless mode where I think all that I need to say about it is “Good Luck!”.

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