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Home Entertainment Xbox Live Arcade Review: From Dust
Xbox Live Arcade Review: From Dust

Xbox Live Arcade Review: From Dust


From Dust is a game where you take control of the elements around you to help your tribe build villages and avoid whatever nature has to throw your way. Your goal is to build villages to repopulate the land and move on to the next area to do more of the same.

From Dust has a good variety of elements for you to use in many ways such as sand, water and lava. You use each element for different needs to accomplish your goals and to get your tribe safely to where they need to go. While creating each village you need at least 5 tribe members to build it. If you aren’t careful, you can lose tribe members along the way and it can get to a point to where you won’t have enough tribe members left to complete the map which will result in game over. Rapidly rising waters and tsunami’s are something to watch out for as you try and move your tribe from location to location.

As you get further into the game more elements to the gameplay also presents itself that continues to make the game even more challenging. You will certainly have to come up with a good strategic plan on how you will want to counter some of the elements that come into play. This game eases you into it, however it gets much more difficult as you progress to where you will really have to take your time and think about your plan.

While you use certain elements to create and manipulate the land, you will also learn abilities to go along with that. Abilities such as being able to evaporate water. So if your path starts to be threatened by water then you can use the evaporate skill to do so allowing your tribe to safely get to their goal. These abilities come with a time limit as well and then will need to recharge before you can use them again.

There is a main story mode for you to play as well as unlockable challenges for you to complete in challenge mode. Challenge mode is a fun mode to play as well as you try to accomplish the challenges in the fastest time possible. Your fastest times will be recorded to the leaderboards so that you may see where you rank against friends and others.

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