PSP Review: MLB 11 The Show

I’m going to start out by saying this was my first experience with The Show and it was a great one. A baseball game that feels good, has great player animations and is a real challenge.

They certainly didn’t make this game easy on you. Especially if you are on the Road To The Show. I wanted to mostly play season after season. Though when I went in to try the Road to the Show I got hooked. I made the wrong choice of choosing to be a pitcher which I must say is a very tough time. You’ll get lit up like crazy by hits as you begin your struggle into the league. The biggest thing that you will struggle with is pitch location and it becomes hard to hit your spots. So you’ll either walk the guy or give up a hit. This is not bad by any means. Slightly frustrating, but it’s not bad as you just need to grow your player.

After creating my player, getting drafted and then being sent to their AA team after getting rocked in spring training, I started out having a little more success. It’s still not the easiest of times, but is it ever fun.

The game is very deep as I was only used as a relieve pitcher instead of my preferred position of starting pitcher. You will have interactions with your coach in which you can request a position change. However, you’ll need to make sure to put up good numbers for him to go along with it or you might end up getting benched if he’s not happy with you.

The only bad thing about being a relieve pitcher is the load times. You end up seeing action in almost every other game and sometimes it’s only for an out or an inning. So MLB 11 The Show does have some load time issues. It’s not horrible when you are spending 45 minutes in a game between load points though.

MLB 11 The Show also offers up a good amount of options to use. Such as a good amount of sliders to edit, controls, a jukebox and also features much more. One of the things I enjoy is my Profile. It keeps track of your games played and record as well as points earned which you will be able to use on rewards. You receive those points by accomplishing set goals within gameplay conditions.

Gameplay in MLB 11 The Show is very good and smooth. Every once in awhile I do have a fielding error, but that’s usually normal in every baseball game as it’s more on you than it is the game. Pitching is what I find the toughest thing to get use to. I’ve had one good game and that was with a superstar pitcher. Finding a good balance on your pitching meter is what seems to be key. Also, when you think you’ve done good on the pitching meter and your trying to place a ball in a corner. I’ve found that multiple times it doesn’t always go there and you either end up walking the guy or he slams it on you because the ball moves to the middle of the plate. So you will not always have the best control and location, although that probably adds for more realism.

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