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Home Entertainment Xbox Live Arcade: Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review
Xbox Live Arcade: Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review

Xbox Live Arcade: Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review


Toy Soldiers: Cold War is pure arcade fun. Give thanks to it’s most enjoyable gameplay that is absolutely great. Toy Soldiers: Cold War is an action-strategy game with so many enjoyable gameplay options.

As you play the campaign, your goal is to stop the enemy forces from getting into your toy box. If they get a certain number past your defenses and into your toy box it’ll result in game over. You will build a number of defenses to use in front of your toy box in order to stop the onslaught of enemy forces. This ranges from guns, mortars, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, artillery and more. It’s important to come up with a good strategy as you place your defenses. If you have too many gun torrents and not enough anti-tank, then things won’t go well for you if a whole bunch of tanks come rolling in. The same holds true with aircraft. If you don’t have anti-aircraft set up, then you’ll get yourself into trouble.

One of the best things I enjoy most about this game is that you don’t just set up the defenses, sit back and watch. You will be able to take over each one of your turrets and control them for yourself. This is incredibly fun to do and handles very well with each type of turret. The game is not limited to your ground turrets either. On certain maps, you can take control of a various vehicles. This includes tanks, helicopters and even a fighter jet. I must say though, the fighter jet took me some time to learn the controls. Speaking of controls, everything handles extremely well and plays great.

The enemies you face range from soldiers, vehicles and aircraft. Each having it’s own weakness for your defenses to take down. Also, you have bosses to go up against which are awesome. Each boss is usually a good challenge and fun to play against.

You will get a great amount of enjoyment from the campaign as you have a decent amount of maps to play through. These maps usually take up to 20 minutes or so to complete. They also prove for great replayability. Adding high scores and leaderboards in the mix, I can see people playing through each map multiple times and you will still enjoy it each time.

Also while playing the game, one of the features during the gameplay is when you quickly combine kills a charge meter will rise. Eventually randomly selecting one of five barrages. This includes airstrikes and what I think a lot of people will find to be the most fun is a commando. Basically with the commando you are acting like rambo, just run at everything firing your guns and rockets, doing all sorts of great damage.

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