Home TV Kristin Chenoweth’s Return To ‘Glee’ Postponed
Kristin Chenoweth’s Return To ‘Glee’ Postponed

Kristin Chenoweth’s Return To ‘Glee’ Postponed


Glee‘s production has taken an unexpected change, postponing Kristin Chenoweth’s [known to Glee fans as April Rhodes] return.

Hold your voices Glee fans, this is not a bad thing! Though Chenoweth’s has indeed been rescheduled to shoot in the spring, her drunky-wunky character, April Rhodes, is reportedly returning for a couple episodes [instead of just the originally planned whopping one]!

With her Broadway run in Promises, Promises ending Jan. 2., Chenoweth will have more free time on her hands, which will reportedly be filled with a multi-episode story line for Ms. April.

So Gleeks, the question arises: with Rhode’s possibly becoming a regular on the McKinley scene, what path would you like to see her storyline take? Will, the dentist? Decisions, decisions!


  1. Wow, when I read the title, I was like Ohh no, I love Kristin!! She is great as April, has the funniest lines and a great overall voice. I am glad to hear that she is comming back in a big way with mulitiple episodes!!


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