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Home Entertainment Nintendo 3DS Review: Star Fox 64 3D
Nintendo 3DS Review: Star Fox 64 3D

Nintendo 3DS Review: Star Fox 64 3D

0’s Look Into Star Fox 64 3D

Star Fox 64 3D Review

Developer: Nintendo
Format: Nintendo 3DS
Launch Date: 09/09/11
ESRB: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older): Fantasy Violence
Game Type: Action Space Shooter
Players: 1 in main game; up to 4 in multiplayer Battle mode using the local wireless connection

Memories of playing Star Fox 64 came flying back at me as I started my 3D adventure in Star Fox 64 3D. I was a big fan of the N64 version so when this was announced there was no doubt that I would be getting this once more on the 3DS.

As I began my quest in 3D, instantly I was amazed by how great it looked. Whether you use the 3D or not, this game looks fantastic. However, I’m sure most of us would be using the 3D, and I absolutely enjoyed what Star Fox 64 brings in 3D with some truly wonderful visuals.

Before you dive into the game you will choose to play the classic N64 version or the 3DS version with the gyro controls. To be honest with you I didn’t choose the gyro controls as I prefer my experiences with the basic controls. However, I must say the gyro controls do handle very well along with the circle pad. It is fun to use whether you decide to choose it right away or in a later play through.

Star Fox 64 3D still features it’s great gameplay and it plays very well on the 3DS. It’s an incredibly easy game that doesn’t give you much of a challenge in terms of beating the game. My first time through I died a few times, but my second and third time through I didn’t die once. However, I still could have played the game better than I did. Such as trying to perfect the way I play, earn a better score, attempt the alternate routes and earn medals on each level to unlock additional stuff. That is where the challenge will come from. Plus, the game is that much fun that you will play through it again and again to go after those things. Playing through the campaign shouldn’t take you more than an hour to complete.

Star Fox 64 3D features it’s great attacking ability in both air and ground combat. Though it’s mostly done by air outside of a few missions. The bosses are some great bosses to face and probably some of the more fun bosses in video games, though I wish they brought more of a challenge. Each one is rather easy to get through, especially the first boss as I wouldn’t even call it a boss. You have your power up for your gun and your bombs to collect as you play through. You can recharge your shields by flying though silver rings, and you can expand your shield energy by collecting the gold rings.

When you want a break from playing the campaign you can choose to play “score attack”, which allows you to choose the level of your choice to attempt a higher score. That’s a good feature as well when you want to go back and play a later level without having to play through the entire game again. This is not with saying that it would take you long to do so in the regular campaign though.

I rate my games by my level of enjoyment with a title. I loved Star Fox 64 back in the day, and I love it just as much today. It’s still an incredibly fun time going through the game to see the wonderful visuals it has to offer. Especially with how amazing it now looks in 3D. Sadly it doesn’t have online play though you can play locally with your friends. Online features would have certainly made this a stand out title on the 3DS, and a must own for everyone. However, Star Fox 64 3D is still a great game, and one that you should add to your 3DS library, especially if you haven’t played it before on the N64.

Score: 8/10

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