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Home Entertainment Renegade Ops Review: A Great and Beautiful Looking Shooter
Renegade Ops Review: A Great and Beautiful Looking Shooter

Renegade Ops Review: A Great and Beautiful Looking Shooter


Renegade Ops Review

Now I’ve always loved these styles of shooters in the arcade. So I’m very familiar with the control with the left thumb stick and shoot with the right. Assault Heroes was one of my first favorite titles for the Xbox Live Arcade that has this similar style and we’ve seen a few like them for sure. There did come a point when I lost a little bit of interest in this style due to playing them so much, but Renegade Ops certainly captures that enjoyment right back. It doesn’t hurt that it looks absolutely beautiful as well. Wonderful visuals certainly help lead the way in Renegade Ops.

The storyline for Renegade Ops is fairly decent, but more just obnoxious fun. A crazy guy bent on destroying the world and it is up to you and your group of renegades to stop him from doing just that. There are 4 characters for you to play as and each have their own abilities for their vehicles. There are upgrades for you to earn as well, as you play on to increase your weapons and abilities.

Renegade Ops is 9 missions long, which each can last from 20 to 30 minutes depending on your play style and how careful you are about venturing into each combat zone. They certainly can get to a point where they feel a little long for this style of game. You will have your primary objectives to achieve during each mission, as well as secondary objectives. The secondary objectives are not important to complete; however, that is how you can unlock some of the xbox achievements by completing circumstances within the secondary missions.

The controls in the game handle fairly well, although I will say that you may have a bit of a learning curve on the handling of the vehicle. I had some issues controlling it really well at first and even later on, although I did get the hang of it. You will spend some time driving around as well from location to location, and I would sometimes get the feeling I was playing an old top down racer, which is the view set you get for this title. It’s also a lot of fun driving through the maps and the wilderness.

You can play on three different difficulty levels, although if you are in it for the high scores on the leaderboards, then you will want to stick to the hardcore difficulty. Going for high scores can be a lot of fun in this title and will certainly give you a good challenge. However, if you are going for high scores the lengthy missions make it almost too much of a challenge. This is another reason I wish each mission was a little bit shorter. This is especially true if you die during the mission and get a game over, then it will not record your score before you died. You have to complete the mission for your score to be recorded.

Once again Renegade Ops displays a beautiful environment to play in and has some wonderful visuals for you to enjoy. Combining that with great looking explosions and highly destructible surroundings, it really is a treat to play in and see. One of the things I enjoy is using the boost to speed up my vehicle and then slam through buildings or the guard towers to destroy them.

Overall this is another favorite for me to have on the Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a great and beautiful looking shooter with fun enemies to destroy. I had a great time with this title and recommend it being one you should add to your Xbox Live Arcade library.

Score: 8/10



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