Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Review – A DS Title That Needs To Be Played

Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Review

Solatorobo: Red The Hunter is an action-rpg game where you play the role of a dog named Red who takes on quest after quest in a beautiful looking world. Red soon comes across an interesting artifact that sends Red into a whole new adventure. It is an adventure that is a good one for you to go on as the story in Solatorobo is wonderful.

Solatorobo: Red The Hunter has wonderful and fun pick up and play gaming action. Literally pick up and play as you will be grabbing enemies to toss them around. The game plays very well and is easy to learn. Enemies eventually get more complex as you get further into the game and then become more difficult to defeat rather than just grabbing them and tossing them around. The enemies are also a lot of fun to fight against and the bosses are even better, as this really is a fun game in every aspect.

The fighting really is a lot of fun. You will have a robot that Red controls and you will be able to visit stores for you to buy upgrades to your robot. This includes the basics for defense, attacking and so on. Also, as you level up your character you will be able to open up more space for you to use to attach more upgrades to your robot.

When it comes to the quests in Solatorobo, you will have your quests that advance the storyline and you will also have side quests to complete throughout the different locations. In addition, you have air races, fishing and duels to take part in on a duel ship which holds tournaments for you to duel in. After you complete a quest it will take you to your ship where you can then select which location you would like to go to. You will also find out which locations have new quests for you and which quest continues the storyline. Once you are at your selected location you will have to find the person who has the selection of quests for you to choose from.

Also when it comes to quests, you can’t just take part in any quest you choose. You will have to make sure you have the correct hunter rank to continue on. With each quest you complete you will earn points that will add up into your hunter rank and when you reach a certain point your hunter rank will go up by 1 rank. You will also have times where you will want to move ahead in the story, but your hunter rank won’t be high enough to take on the current story quest. As a result you will have to do a few of the side quests until your hunter rank goes up to match the rank needed to continue on in the story.

You can always go back to do side quests whenever you choose. Conveniently enough you can travel back and forth from location to location as you please. So you can do one story quest after the other until you need to go back and do some of the side quests needed to move up your hunter rank. Some of the side quests are pretty easy too and not very exciting at all. In addition, they can also be really short even though it’s pretty boring stuff you can get past it in good time so it doesn’t become annoying. But, you will also have side quests that are more interesting than the others, which of course is always a good thing.

When it comes to the duels, it handles like any duel would in games like this. It puts you up against opponents to fight. Each has their own difficulties and styles to learn. Sometimes instead of just one opponent to face you will have multiple enemies. You’ll even have cases where they expect you to win, but you must defeat the enemy in a certain amount of time.

As for the Air Races, they are a ton of fun to play in and one of the additional things that stands out the most for me in Solatorobo. Since it’s an air race, you would think that you’d have access to the entire sky. However, you are kept within certain limits to fly in so that you can’t go far at all. It has tight turns and ups and downs for you to pilot one of many planes to fly through. It also has different courses to participate in as well. Lastly, in the main game there is a particular island to go to that holds different types of racing events. In the main menu you can also select to play air races instead of the main game. I love flying games so for me this is certainly a great addition to the game. The control of the aircraft vary as well and will be a struggle to learn as it can be difficult at first. But it’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it!

Visually this game has a great style going for it, with fantastic looking art. This is a beautiful looking DS title. I love the backgrounds and character art as well and it has just a great style. The soundtrack for Solatorobo is also excellent and those who get the game early will get a bonus soundtrack along with the game. It is easily a great CD to pop in and listen since it is such an enjoyable soundtrack.

Overall, this is a fantastic game and those who love their DS must get this title. For those who haven’t touched the DS in some time, I would say that you must get this title! For those who have a 3DS..…I am pretty sure that you must get this title.

This is an awesome game that is a blast to play, with different locations to explore and people to meet along the way. You have regular story quests and side quests to do in addition to extra modes. These extra modes include duels, air racing and even fishing which all are a great additions to this title. The main characters are likeable and after all, who doesn’t like a dog named Red? There are even more things for you to do on the side such as find some pesky kittens that have stolen pictures from a photographer. If you find each of the 4 kittens at each location you will be able to put a photo back together. In turn, this photo goes into your gallery collection for you to view at any time.

In closing, this is a must get title and should be put on the top of your list up against any of the great selection of games that have recently released. You will have a fun and enjoyable time going through Solatorobo: Red The Hunter.

Score: 5/5


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