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Home Entertainment Brunswick Pro Bowling Review: A Good Time At The Lanes!
Brunswick Pro Bowling Review: A Good Time At The Lanes!

Brunswick Pro Bowling Review: A Good Time At The Lanes!


Brunswick Pro Bowling 3DS Review

I recently went through Brunswick Pro Bowling on the Nintendo 3DS and I must say I had a good time at the lanes!

Brunswick Pro Bowling comes at you with two different ways of playing the game. Either by playing arcade, which is all button controlled or by using the stylus to bowl. I must say, by using the stylus on the touch screen to determine power and the way you would like to spin the ball it is much easier than playing on arcade mode. It’s also much more fun to play it using the stylus as well. It won’t take you long to get the gameplay down to perfection and find the angles you will prefer to bowl with. It’s also much easier using the stylus. The early competitions in your career mode are way too easy to win. So much so that you will play game after game eventually getting to the point to where you goof around and try new things, which I will say is fun to do as well. Once you further yourself in career mode it does get tougher as the computer will play a much better game and it also seems you will have games where knocking down pins doesn’t seem to be happening as easy.

The visuals in the game are nice, simple and look decent in 3D. Nothing too spectacular though in terms of 3D. You have a variety of bowling lanes to bowl in including one called “Techno Bowl”. However, the music in the game is extremely poor and lacking. I was hoping that when playing at “Techno Bowl” that I would at least have some techno music or something besides the same one song that plays at each bowling lane. So I was very disappointed with the lack of music in the game and will hope they add a good soundtrack next time around.

Brunswick Pro Bowling has four modes for you to play in including Quickplay, Career, Spares Challenge and a Practice mode. The Spares Challenge is a fun mode to go through when you need a break from the basic gameplay, but my favorite mode is the Career mode. You will have your Career Events in which you can play in leagues, tournaments, as well as have rival challenges where you will go up against a rival in a 1 v 1 game. Each event has earnings for you as well so that you can buy new gear for your player in the pro shop. You will also be able to look at your Career Overview which displays who you are, your earnings as well as your reputation. You can also see your career trophies which displays how many wins you have in each mode as well as owned accessories. Lastly you can view your Career Stats and see how many games you have played and how many of those you have won. It also keeps track of spares, strikes, turkeys, as well as your average score and highest score. It’s not the most in depth game, but it has everything you probably need.

In the end I still had fun playing Brunswick Pro Bowling on the Nintendo 3DS. It has just enough of everything except for music, but it also has a lot to advance on in the next installation of the game if we are to see that. If you are a bowling fan then this is a title for you as I am sure you’ll easily get a good amount of enjoyment out of it. It has decent and fun gameplay and nice little videos that are played below when you get spares or strikes. They get repetitive eventually though as well, but there are a decent amount to see. Those who like bowling or have an interest in bowling will get an easy and fun, quick to pick up and play title.




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