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Home Entertainment FIFA 12 Review: The Best Soccer Experience Yet!
FIFA 12 Review: The Best Soccer Experience Yet!

FIFA 12 Review: The Best Soccer Experience Yet!


FIFA 12 Review

FIFA 11 was a fantastic year for FIFA. FIFA 12 is a fantastic year for FIFA.

Is there anything more to really say other than that? Well of course, but that pretty much sums it up. FIFA 12 once again is an amazing and wonderful soccer experience that makes it a top notch soccer title. It also includes additional options and modes for you to play with over last years title that are worthy of your time. If you thought last year’s title was good and even good enough to skip on this years title, then you would be missing out big time.

Starting with gameplay everything seems to feel a little bit different and your defense certainly plays differently. I actually find it a little more difficult to handle the defenders in this years version. It’s not a bad thing at all and it is probably more realistic and not as easy for you to hold down your fort. They did rework your defending to where you really have to rely on tactics and timing on how you approach your defending. The game also feels a little bit faster, which of course you can edit in the options if you don’t like that. But, it still flows really well together and your teammates still do a decent job of getting open for you to pass to. Just make sure you make good passes and that you have an open lane for a good pass.

I would also like to mention that I feel the difficulty on this years version seems a lot more difficult to handle. Once more, of course, you can edit the difficulty settings and edit the sliders for the computer to make it play out the way you feel it should. It really is much more of a challenge though and I find it both wonderful and frustrating. That is frustrating in a good way, not in a bad way. It really rewards you for showing patience and slowly, but surely passing the ball around and finding a good position to take control of the game and your offensive approach. If you don’t control the game, the computer most certainly will control the game and hold on to the ball for a long time no matter how much better you think your team may be.

FIFA 12 continues to be a wonderful gameplay experience in every aspect of the game. From the actual gameplay to the in depth career mode of managing your favorite team the way you see fit, to working against the clock on transfer deadline day which I still absolutely love. You have 10 hours on transfer deadline day to make a deal to bring in a player or move out a player. During that time you will be simming that day 1 hour at a time until the deadline has passed. I’m not sure how much better it can get than that. The menus are sharp and wonderful to look at and navigate your way through. FIFA 12 seems to do everything just right to really improve itself and even further push itself to a higher standard.

Another thing that makes FIFA 12 so wonderful is it’s online modes and new additions added to playing online. This includes the Support Your Club option where you are able to represent your favorite team and by playing games and each game you play you will earn club points. Club points will be added to the league tables which are reset weekly to help renew the challenge every week of keeping your team up in the table or avoiding relegation.

Visually I think the game even took a leap forward over the previous years title. The fields and cages look great, as well as player animations. It really seems to have been polished up very nicely. It still has a decent soundtrack as well for you to enjoy, should you choose to listen to it, and the commentary is still pretty good.

This again is the soccer title to own for the season as it is still by far the best, smoothest, most realistic and definitely more fun to play. You continue to get a fantastic soccer experience with FIFA 12 and it’s new additions, including the online modes which help make it worthy of playing for a very long time and certainly until the next installment is released. The gameplay continues to be wonderful and smooth with a great challenge as it forces you to be perfect. If you are not the computer will certainly take it to you.

Score: 5/5


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