May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories Review: Testing You With Challenging Puzzles!

May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories Review

Recently I went through the latest version of Professor Layton and I must say that May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories follows that style in it’s own puzzle adventure game for the Nintendo DS. For those who know Professor Layton, you can expect a similar feeling with May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories in over 270 total challenges for you to solve.

Things get interesting very quickly in May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories when the balloon that May and her brother Tery are in crash lands outside of an interestingly odd town by the name of Dragonville. May wakes up to find her brother missing and that’s where it all begins. The game starts you out with a good variety of it’s puzzles. You first will come across one where you need to do some looking around to find your clue in order to advance. You will also get a feel for the rhythmic mini games that feature within the title as well. There are over 40 characters that you will interact with along your journey, and I will say that May is a decent lead character to lead you on this journey.

In May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories you will certainly have your skills tested in many ways. This ranges from a number of math related questions from testing your rhythm all the way, to visually testing your eye site in order to search images and find specific items within that image. It certainly has a large amount of puzzles in the game and most will really get you thinking, but I had a majority of my fun with the rhythmic mini games more than anything else. It probably helps that I enjoy music and rhythm beats more than solving math questions. None of the questions are too hard though and you’ll certainly be putting a lot of thought into these puzzles. Thankfully you also get hints to help you along the way. Be careful though as you only get a certain amount of hints, so you will want to use them wisely. However, within May’s purse is where all your features will be. Within that you will find bonus puzzles where, once you solve them, you can earn extra hint points to use. So they provide you with extra reasoning for getting the bonus puzzles completed. This in turn allows you to have extra hint points to use during your main adventure.

Also within May’s purse you will find your basic stats which are how many hint points you currently have, puzzles solved, total score and time played. You will also see your Quest Book so that if you forget what your objective is, it will remind you. Also, in the purse is your inventory that will hold items you collect along the way. A character’s tab is also present for you to look at and click on specific characters that you’ve come across along your journey and it provides some information on the specific characters. Lastly it also features the story puzzles displaying those you have completed and allowing you to do them once again if you choose.

May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories will certainly put your mind to test in all of it’s puzzles that it has to offer. For those who love a good puzzle or brain teaser, in addition to many types of puzzles for you to complete then this is a game you’d most likely enjoy. It has a good lead character with a decent story to take you through this puzzle filled adventure. If you are looking for a mystery to solve and like to complete a plethora of puzzles along the way, then this title will certainly give you that.

Score 3/5


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