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Home Entertainment Space Channel 5: Part 2 Review: Get Ready To Dance To The Beat!
Space Channel 5: Part 2 Review: Get Ready To Dance To The Beat!

Space Channel 5: Part 2 Review: Get Ready To Dance To The Beat!


Space Channel 5: Part 2 Review

Be ready to get your dance on as Space Channel 5: Part 2 has been re-released on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

In Space Channel 5 Part 2 you will play as a dancer and news reporter by the name of Ulala. Ulala is a reporter for Space Channel 5 and it is up to you to stop the rhythm rogues from world domination with their dance control weapon. So yes, the bad guys are making everyone dance against their will and it is up to you to save them.

Being a Dreamcast fan, this was still my first experience with Space Channel 5 and my first reaction was a bit of an odd one. This game really has a different style going for it and it is most interesting. However, it does have some good beats and it can get you into the music and enjoy what it is that this game has to offer.

The gameplay consists of rhythm matching, repeating the dance moves and sounds that the bad guys do. So, whatever they do you must do back and match it perfectly otherwise you’ll get yourself into trouble. You have 6 buttons that you will use to match what they do. This consists of the entire directional pad for left, right, up, down and the A and B buttons which are “Hey” and “Chu”. So, to give you an example the bad guy will say “Left, Left, Hey, Hey, Chu” and you must remember that and repeat it exactly to the same beat that it was presented to you. Now these start out easy, but can get long and fast and really test your listening skills. It can be a pretty fun time as well and their are moments in the game that make it fun. It doesn’t just take place in some dance room though. You will have various levels that interact with what it is you are doing. In other words, if you miss a left or a hey, you will wind up taking damage from something.

One thing that did bother me is that their are some characters that you have to repeat and you will find it hard understanding what it is they are saying. Such as you think they say left and they are really saying something else. So you will keep getting it wrong until you figure out what it is they really said. That was the only time I got really annoyed with the game.

You will have a couple of modes for you to play in which is your basic story mode and then you will also have Ulala’s Dance. Ulala’s dance is just the basic gameplay where you play until you get something wrong. At that point it will be game over and you will have to start over again from the beginning. Both modes give you a good challenge and as I said you will have to be a great listener and focus heavy on what it is they are saying so that you can repeat it. Throughout the game you will also be able to unlock additional outfits to use for Ulala. The game also features leaderboards and co-op play as well.

This is certainly a different style of game, but one that can be addicting for those who like rhythm games. At 800 points or $9.99 it is an arcade title that I could see being worth it. Be sure to check out the trail and if you like it certainly give it a go. It certainly has some catchy beats for you to jam out to!

Score: 3/5

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