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Home Entertainment Guardian Heroes Review: Fight Your Way To Multiple Endings
Guardian Heroes Review: Fight Your Way To Multiple Endings

Guardian Heroes Review: Fight Your Way To Multiple Endings


Guardian Heroes Review

Guardian Heroes is a side scrolling beat-em up arcade title that features a story mode with 5 different endings. It won’t take you long to reach an ending as the story mode is rather short. Though, as you play through you will select one of many different options that will take you on different paths in this title. Thus reaching new areas and new endings on different occasions depending on how you decide to approach the situation that is given to you. The story is fairly interesting as well and if you’ve played through a certain part before you can skip the entire dialogue so that you don’t sit around as the characters talk to one another. It is certainly a lot of fun to play through each time and find the new areas and face new enemies as you reach the different endings. It has good gameplay to so it won’t get old either as you play again and again.

Guardian Heroes has a good classic style gameplay in it’s side scrolling action with your basic fighting options. There are many ways in which you can fight though I end up just hacking away most of the time as I play through. There are different characters to choose from as well that will determine your play style. Also, as you play through you will be able to upgrade your characters abilities to fit your play style as well. As I was just hacking away I decided to max out my attacking upgrade. Each character also has magic abilities to go along with your other attacking options. One thing I must say about the gameplay is that things can get pretty crowded out there at times and you’ll have to really be aware of what is going on. Especially on the harder difficulties as this game is one heck of a challenge on the harder difficulties. Another interesting aspect to the gameplay is that there are 3 different distances to the side scrolling gameplay and you can jump from one to the other. It help’s spread things out slightly and becomes a big factor in the gameplay as well.

You’ll have an easy time playing the game on easy but it will certainly provide you with a great challenge and force you to know what it is you are doing when playing on the harder difficulties. It won’t be as easy as just hacking away as you will need to have a good feel for what abilities you have and what you can do. Also, to be sure and use all of your surroundings to help protect yourself. The enemies are fairly challenging and can pack a punch while the bosses come off as very difficult and hard to defeat. They are a lot of fun to face though…well on easy they are…on the harder difficulties it is very challenging.

Other than Story mode there is also arcade mode in which swarms of enemies continuously come at you until you are dead. Let me tell you, when I say swarms, I mean swarms as the screen is full of so many enemies. It provides you with a good challenge and you will be able to select one of more than 40 different characters. Characters in which you will need to unlock as well throughout the game. It’s certainly another one of many fun game modes for you to play in. There is also online play where you can play through the story with a friend or in versus mode where you play against up to 12 players at once. Visually the game looks ok with decent surroundings as you play through. You also have the option to play with classic graphics instead of the new re-mastered “remix” graphics. The game also features some nice music to go along with it’s fun style action gameplay.

Guardian Heroes is a lot of fun to get into and play with a good story mode with several endings to achieve. Also, with its online gameplay and leaderboards, I can see many people really enjoying this title. It’s definitely one to check out and play and then get your friends on board for some multiplayer or co-op action.

Score: 4/5

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