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Home Entertainment The War of the Worlds Review: An Intense Atmosphere To Experience
The War of the Worlds Review: An Intense Atmosphere To Experience

The War of the Worlds Review: An Intense Atmosphere To Experience


The War of the Worlds Review

The War of the Worlds has made it’s way on to the Xbox Live Arcade in some very intense platformer action. Intense might be an understatement as they do a really wonderful job setting the tone and capturing a fantastic atmosphere for you to play in. The War of the Worlds is based on the 1953 movie and is narrated by actor Patrick Stewart. As you play through the game the narrating will continue on as you reach certain spots to give you information on what it is you are doing and what it is that is going on around you.

As I said already, the game gives off an intense feeling as you play through it due to it’s setting that has been wonderfully created and looks absolutely fantastic. They really did it right with the platforming elements of the game as you are running from the enemy or while trying not to be seen. Sneaking around and getting from location to location is a great challenge in and of it’s own. Not to mention the platforming elements that are also mixed into the gameplay with things to climb and jumps that you will have to time perfectly. The game can very much be a lot of fun to play, though it still has its frustrating moments and a lot of that is due to it’s great difficulty. If you don’t time certain things right then you will find yourself in trouble.

Thankfully if you die it automatically saves so that you don’t have to start all over again from too far away. You can die over and over again and still be good for another try. Believe me, I know very well how that works as I had many moments like that of trying to get through an area or figure it out. However, I did have one moment in which it saved at a point where normally it would be a good spot to start from. The issue was that I went there before I got an item I needed. So each time it spawned me I had to go back and get an item again and then move back to where it spawned me again. Normally you would get the item and then go to that spot and in that case you wouldn’t keep having to go back to get the item. I also got annoyed with the character movements at times as well and found it to not be my favorite, though its certainly not bad.

Visually the game looks great and has many great visuals for you to enjoy as you make your way through. To go along with it’s great visuals is a great soundtrack that also gets you into the mood and atmosphere of this game. They did a great job creating excellent conditions for you to play in.

The War of the Worlds will certainly give you one heck of a challenge as you try and make your way through. They did a good job creating the Martians and they leave them to be very tough and difficult to get by making them definite enemies to fear. They also set the atmosphere just right for this title and it is one that should be experienced, especially for those who are platformer fans or fans of Sci Fi. You will run, jump, climb and hide in this game as you fearfully stay out of the enemies sight. This is probably one of the more intense feelings I recently got from a game as I was really able to get into it. It’s also presented to you extremely well and how can it not when it has Patrick Stewart doing the narrating? Definitely give this game a try! One more thing to mention is that if you want some difficult achievements to go after then this game certainly has them. To beat the game without dying and to beat the game in one sitting without dying are two of the achievements and they combine for almost half the games achievement points. Good luck doing that!

Score: 4/5


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