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Home Entertainment Ace Combat Assault Horizon Review: Fantasic Gameplay In Many Ways
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Review: Fantasic Gameplay In Many Ways

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Review: Fantasic Gameplay In Many Ways


Ace Combat Assault Horizon Review

Ace Combat is back with Ace Combat Assault Horizon and it doesn’t disappoint. It has a pretty decent story for you to enjoy throughout the campaign and has decent, but still likable characters.

Getting into the campaign, one of the first things I noticed was that the controls for the plane were off and were therefore one of the first things I needed to change within the games settings. It starts you out on the setting “optimum” and I couldn’t stand playing on that setting as the aircraft felt horrible with it’s control. So I needed to change it to “Original” in which it then gives the games original controls and a more realistic control over the aircraft. Once you have it on original the game plays out so much better in its arcade flight action. The control of the planes are as good as ever, even at the top speeds. The controls will still have a learning curve on them, but once you get it down they work really well.

The gameplay really is as fun as ever and what we would expect from the Ace Combat series. It’s not just about the aircraft and your role as a pilot in this title either, which really adds to the great gameplay. There is also a fresh feel to this game and a good break in between segments. You will also be playing as a gunner on a helicopter or firing the guns from even further above in an AC-130 bringing the rain down on the targets below. Let me tell you as well that it is so much fun firing from the AC-130 and it’s 3 different types of guns. Being the side gunner on the chopper is also a lot of fun to play as you will be firing on enemy troops below. You will even be able to pilot some helicopters in this title which provided for another learning curve in getting those controls down. But as soon as you do you will enjoy flying those as well.

Another new feature in Ace Combat Assault Horizon is it’s new close range assault system where you will get up close and personal when dog fighting. Basically it lines you up right behind the enemy and you will be in good position to lock on and fire missiles or guns. It can get pretty crazy looking as you’ll be flying in circles and low to the ground. You will be able to stick with the other plane unless they pull a counter maneuver against you to lose you. It’s a fun new feature for sure and it really helps provide for some additional fun and especially great visuals.

The missions are of great fun as well as you head back up into the sky to show who rules the skies above. The missions still come across as a little long at times with it’s non stop waves of action, but it’s still fun to fight it out. However, with the multiple types of missions and different ways to play they really split up the action nicely so that it doesn’t get old. Throughout the game the feeling stays really fresh and when new moments come along with new aircraft for special missions it really is a lot of fun. Some of the missions will certainly give you a heck of a challenge as well and may even leave you a little frustrated at times, but it’s nothing to bad. You’ll just really have to fight your way through it and find a better way to attack. This isn’t on the hardest difficulty either as it will give you a good challenge even on pilot difficulty.

Visually the game looks fantastic from the visuals up above to the cut scenes of blowing the planes out of the skies or blowing up ground targets. The character cut scenes are also nice to look at as well. This once again is a beautiful treat for the eye as you take flight and battle it out. I also absolutely loved the soundtrack for the game as it has many great moments and if you get a chance to get your hands on the soundtrack you won’t be disappointed. It’s composed very well and has many great guitar moments that really drive the feeling and it all fits in so well into the game.

Outside of campaign you will also be able to go back and choose a previous mission to play once again if you choose. Of course you can also go online for some action that way as well in different available modes to play, including co-op. It also keeps full track of stats so you can see all the damage that you’ve dished out over your entire time of playing the game.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon is easily a must own game or at least one that should be played. It’s got that fun arcade flight action that we all know and love from the previous series, but adds so much more in addition to that in this title. It has a great campaign and missions that you will want to play over again once you have completed it. It also has wonderful visuals and a fantastic soundtrack to go along with the fun gameplay and story for this title. I had a great time piloting all the different aircraft and enjoying all the different types of missions that I had to complete. I doubt anyone could be truly disappointed with this title!

Score: 4/5

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