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Home Entertainment Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review: It’s Absolutely Insane!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review: It’s Absolutely Insane!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review: It’s Absolutely Insane!


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Activision has recently sent me Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to review and by now we all should have a good idea of what to expect from this series. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 offers up that same great gameplay that has been polished to near perfection. In fact I can’t even find anything truly wrong with how the game plays. It really is the perfect shooter. When it comes to its single player campaign, Modern Warfare 3 picks up right where Modern Warfare 2 left off. And I must say it’s absolutely insane!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a continued experience. There are not too many differences that separate it from the others and nor should there be. The other titles were great and they ran with that in making yet another great and very enjoyable game. What they continue to do is make the action an absolute blast to play. Playing through Modern Warfare 3 seems like it was even more high impact action than ever before. At almost every level there was something big happening or some kind of moment that just leaves you smiling. They continue to do such a great job capturing and presenting these action scenes for you that it’s just pure enjoyment. It’s so intense and such an adrenaline rush that you want to keep going just to see what happens next.

As mentioned before and without going into detail regarding the story, it picks up right where Modern Warfare 2 leaves off. It’s told by separate units again as it’ll jump back and forth from one place to another. It has moments where you don’t even want to fight in battle as you just want to watch your surroundings and see all of what is going on around you. It’s so busy and so fast with so much going on with fighting and explosions everywhere that it looks amazing. Of course it depends on the map, but a lot of them are such high action situations that you get caught up in it.

The gameplay is as smooth as ever and mighty fun to play. It shouldn’t take you too long to go through the campaign, as it took me just over 6 and a half hours to beat. Of course this always varies on the difficulty and your playing style. Play it on easy and you’ll fly through each level, but play it on veteran and you’ll be pinned down for a long time trying to fight your way forward. It’s a good length for the game so that it doesn’t give you too much of the same. It also sets up situations very nicely as you progress and certainly the last few missions get you pumped up to play. There is just enough of every type of situation that it’s just right. Also, when you finish the campaign you have the special ops mode where you can play in missions mode or survival mode to add to even more fun gameplay. Then of course online multiplayer which is what Call of Duty is all about for some people.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in online multiplayer is some of the fastest and most fun gameplay you can find. There is a majority of different type of modes to play in and it seems to have something for everyone. I spend most of my time with the hardcore team deathmatch as I find that much more enjoyable than regular team deathmatch. It’s a more enjoyable experience for me though you better know your stuff if you are going to play it. I always tell everyone when they first start playing multiplayer that you are going to get run over a lot. First thing you need to do is accept that and while doing so you will learn how the other players are working you over. You also need to learn about the direction they are coming from and where some of their hiding spots are. Then of course the biggest factor is knowing the maps. Once you know every inch of that map you will be able to use that to your advantage and adjust your style of play. That is when you’ll begin to get a lot better. Once again it’s not just player vs. player action but you may also play co-op with Special Ops and do the missions or use survival mode. There really is something for everyone to enjoy here!

When it comes to the multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare 3 there are some good maps, but also a few I didn’t care for too much. There isn’t one that really stood out to me at all yet or that has become a favorite, although I’m sure over time I’ll find a few that I like a lot more. More importantly, the good thing is that I haven’t found one that I don’t like at all yet. Each map has its uniqueness as well, plus multi-level options and also some indoor and outdoor situations. They are all still a fairly small playground for you to fight in, though it seems that they have a few more expanded maps as well. They are all still highly enjoyable though.

Also when it comes to online multiplayer it has those wonderful options that we have all come to know and love from the ranking system, class selection, all of those fun emblems and titles to achieve. Unlocking all the great perks to use and additional weapon options so that eventually you can play your style of game is great. Whether you want to be undetectable by drones or radar or to be quick and silent on your feet. There are a multitude of options for you to choose from that can help you sneak around each map and play it the way you like.

This time through we also have Call of Duty Elite for those of us who are big time players and want more ways to track your stats even when you are not on your console. Call of Duty Elite is a premium membership with a good amount of benefits for the player and greatly compliments the online aspect of the game. You can view almost everything that you can in-game and you can even look and edit your custom classes. You can even look at previous matches and see all the stats for every game you played in. This includes in detail where you were on the map when you shot someone and where they were or vice versa. I can see this being an extremely helpful tool when you don’t know where someone keeps attacking you from on the map. So now you can go to ELITE and look at that match and see where your enemy was camping out. These are just a few of the things you can do with ELITE. There are also so many options and material that come with this game that it absolutely makes it worth having. This also includes not having to pay for the new downloadable map packs when they come out. If you are an ELITE premium member then the map packs are free for you.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is another complete package for shooter fans and those who want a thrilling experience. It has a great single player campaign with non stop action that actually makes it feel a little over done. But when experiencing the action you just smile and go with it. It’s a fun action packed ride that a lot of people should enjoy. It can also be pretty violent though and there is a skip option for those of you who don’t want to deal with that. So at the beginning of the game before you start you are given an option to bypass those scenes. However, the campaign combined with special ops mode for co-op and survival mode, all the way to it’s always amazing multiplayer action, is so much fun to play. This, once again, is a title that is a must own and continues the polished experience that is the Modern Warfare series.

Score: 5/5

Andrew Stevens Andrew Stevens is a Guest Editor at FanBolt for Gaming and Technology. He has over 8 years of experience working within the gaming industry which includes time at Bethesda Softworks. His unique view of the industry and passion for gaming can be found within each one of his editorials. Andrew also loves PC gaming and enjoys tinkering with new hardware. He also can’t get enough speed when it comes to racing games and doesn’t mind navigating through swarms of bullets in any shmup. He considers Rez as the greatest game ever. Andrew's opinions are his own and do not reflect the opinions of his place of employment.


  1. Was this review written by a 12 year old? I am appalled at the amount of grammar and spelling errors. I’ve written better worded 2nd-grade book reports.

  2. So, any article posted online is automatically exempt from any grammar rules that may apply? If that’s the case, I don’t think the internet can be counted as a credible source for any kind of information. Minor spelling errors and grammar slip-ups are generally excusable, but this article has some pretty nasty mistakes. “As mentioned before and without going into detail regarding the story.” That sentence is a fragment, something we learn about in high school. That leads me to believe that the person who wrote this article either didn’t graduate high school, or has yet to attend. Whether online or in person, I believe it is my duty to be a “grammar nazi” in order to preserve the integrity of our language.

  3. Well if Cameron doesn’t like reading a few grammar mistakes then Cameron needs to get off the internet and live with his “My grammar is never wrong” self and not bother anybody else. If you have a problem with this review because of his grammar, then get off your video games and go to Harvard. You ass.

  4. Cameron, seriously, you didn’t have to be so rude. Andrew beautiful review!! I love this game and regularly play on Xbox live 🙂 we should play sometime!


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