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Home Entertainment Sonic Generations 3DS Review: Many Fun Options To Speed Through
Sonic Generations 3DS Review: Many Fun Options To Speed Through

Sonic Generations 3DS Review: Many Fun Options To Speed Through


Sonic Generations 3DS Review

Sonic Generations has just about everything you need in a Sonic title and everything you need for a 3DS game. I’ve always liked Sonic, but I have never found myself to be the biggest fan of any of their games. Sonic Colors was probably the one I enjoyed most, and it still had its issues. However, Sonic Generations quickly has become a favorite of mine.

Sonic Generations has its main game play mode where you have the story simply told to you. As the story progresses you get sucked back in time, and then must figure out what it is going on – And then, of course, save the day.

You will be playing in the similar zones you have seen in the past, with each zone having a new Sonic stage and a classic Sonic stage for you to complete. Once you beat both stages in each zone you will be able to unlock an additional stage, as well as new stages and boss stages.

The stages are a lot of fun and can be very challenging as I died many times going through the game. I seemed to end up doing the best on the stages where I died the most on (Due to having to play them multiple times and getting it down to near perfection). It’s rewarding to get that S ranking on one of those stages that you struggled with so much though. However, it’s odd when you look at the simpler stages and see your C or D ranking.

The game play is great with both Sonic’s and the way each Sonic plays out. I still had some jumping issues at times that really bugged me, but once I was patient it really wasn’t a big deal. It’s just something you need to get use to, and learn how it works.

You will be able to get through the main game pretty quickly. It still has good replay value as you will want to better your scores and experience the stages again. Each stage is not to be played just once but multiple times before you can really get a good and fun experience out of it. I am not saying it’s not fun at first, but it’s a challenge and once you perfect any challenge – you will enjoy it even further.

One of the best things about Sonic Generations on the 3DS is that is has online capabilities. You can play online in Versus Mode in which you will choose Internet Battle to go up against anyone around the world. You can select between Grand Prix, or you can also select Friend Match. The first one to complete the level will win. You both will get to select any of the games levels you want, and once you both make a selection it will randomly select one of the two courses. As you race against one another it will show both of your progressions on the map on the lower screen. Also, on the top screen you will not see another character but an emblem that shows you where your opponent is located. After you are finished, you can also look at Your Record in which you will see your wins and losses for online play as well as your rating. It also shows your current and best streak.

Another great thing about playing online is that you will share your card with the person you play with. Whenever you play against someone they will receive your player card and you will receive their’s. On each card it shows your skill set, such as whether or not you are a beginner or a skilled player. It also has random notes on how long you’ve been a Sonic fan, favorite Sonic title, favorite character and how many points you have earned. Also, you can turn the card over and see how much you have collected in the game, how many missions you have completed, how many total rings you’ve gathered, your play time and it also shows you your rankings on every level in the game. So that is another reason why you may want to improve on your rankings, so that when you share your card with someone they can see how well you did on each stage. Also, on each card there is an image in which you can collect many throughout playing the game. If someone has an image on their card in which you like, it also tells you how they acquired it.

The game also features online leaderboards for times when you play in Time Attack mode. Of course you can choose from any level of your choice and put up the best time to upload to the online leaderboards. Not as fun as playing online against someone and adding to your player card or your stats, but still a great option to use as time attack with online leaderboards.

You also have a missions mode where there are 100 missions for you to complete. Each mission has an objective that you must complete in order to complete the mission. Such as collect so many coins in a short time span or kill so many enemies in a certain amount of time. This also really adds to the over amount of content in which you can play. You will have to unlock this content by either playing or by using Play Coins to purchase the missions.

There is a lot to unlock in this game and many great features that makes this a wonderful Sonic game and 3DS title. Visually the game looks great and has a lot of nice moments in 3D. I easily recommend this title as there is so much fun to be had with it during the regular game mode or while playing online against others or competing in online leaderboards. The Player Cards are also a nice touch in that you can create those and swap them with players that you will play against in online multiplayer. There is a lot of fun to be had here! I must also mention that the boss battles are fairly good and provide a decent challenge. But, I certainly need to say that the final boss battle is a treat and easily one of my favorites.

Score: 4.5/5

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