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Home Entertainment Carnival Games: Wild West 3D: Average Mini-Games To Enjoy Out West
Carnival Games: Wild West 3D: Average Mini-Games To Enjoy Out West

Carnival Games: Wild West 3D: Average Mini-Games To Enjoy Out West


Carnival Games: Wild West 3D

Carnival Games: Wild West 3D takes you to the wild west in a town full of 25 mini-games to partake in. One of these games even includes a dueling battle.

As you make your way through the town you’ll come across many games to play. Some can only be played when you have enough coins and others are free to play. Coins are earned by playing games, and then you can also win bigger amounts of coins by gambling them away in a game of cards or at the slots. You can also use your coins to purchase additional items for your character such as shirts, pants, hats and so on. There are also deeds for you to come across in the game and by completing deeds you can unlock additional items. This includes sidekicks to go along with you form anything such as a bird to a bear.

Each one of the games has a simple play style and is easy to learn. It gives you information on how it works before you start. A lot of the games use the touch pad while others use the gyro sensors. You’ll partake in shooting items by aiming with the gyro sensors. Another game that I enjoyed involved dodging items that were being launched at you, and you’ll once again have to move the 3DS in order to dodge them. It looks pretty cool in 3D as well so that really adds to the gameplay.

With so many games, it’s inevitable that they’re not all great. I came across a few that I just couldn’t get into and even one I thought was really poorly designed. At least every game works fairly well, but there was one that was just atrocious in design. Again, each one of these games should be looked at as simple mini-games with not a whole lot to them. In addition to that I also wonder how long the game will keep you occupied. Even some of the better games will seemingly get old pretty quickly.

This does make a good game for your children though and has plenty going on that will keep you busy and somewhat entertained. There are plenty of items to unlock and collect as well as prizes to earn. However, one of the most disappointing things about this title is when you go to play a game you have already played before it doesn’t tell you your previous scores. If you do manage to beat your old record it will tell you that, but it doesn’t tell you what it previously was or anything like that. I would of really liked and appreciated a record book for each game.

Score: 2/5

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