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Fishing Resort Review: A Lovely Fishing Adventure

Fishing Resort Review: A Lovely Fishing Adventure


Fishing Resort Review

Fishing Resort pretty much tells you in it’s title what this game is all about. It’s time to visit a nice relaxing island full of many wonders and do some fishing!

Fishing Resort is a nice title, and I’d definitely recommended it to those who like fishing and who like to explore. There’s so much to take in on the wonderful spots of the island. On the fishing side, the game has a number of great settings for you to fish in with a large variety of fish and fishing equipment to use along the way. This really has all the tools you need for a great game.

When you first start the game you will begin at a resort on the island. You will explore and fish during the day and once the day is up you will return to your hotel to sleep. You will wake up the next morning to start the day over again. There are multiple locations on the island for you to stay, so it’s not just about being on a beach and doing your fishing there. There is also a lake inland for you to go fishing and also a cabin to stay at.

There are multiple locations that will become available for you to visit. At each location you can enter into fishing tournaments and contests. Some of which won’t happen until a few days down the road, so that you will have to play through a few days doing other things before that day comes. You can also find random people around that will have various quests or challenges for you to do also. Each location has a certain amount of quests for you to complete, so there is also a lot of character interaction as well. This game isn’t just fishing, but it’s fishing with a lot of depth around it.

You can ride a bike around the resort or control a boat on the lake. You can also simply jump on a cruiser and do some deep sea fishing as well. There are a lot of awesome aspects to the game that make it a lot of fun to play.

The fishing in Fishing Resort I found to be pretty difficult to learn and then become good at it. I eventually found a strategy that I did alright with, but it may take you some time. The motion controls work pretty well with it and are certainly enjoyable. There are multiple polls, lures and so much more for you to collect. That also includes clothing for your character. You will earn a certain amount of points for each fish you catch, and you will also earn points by completing challenges. You will use those points to purchase those materials.

The visuals in Fishing Resort are lovely in many ways and really hit the spot for the theme of a vacation getaway at a nice relaxing resort. I must also mention, and don’t take this in a bad way, but the sounds of the sea and the relaxing peaceful views while sitting on a boat fishing can really put you to sleep. I had a point where I caught myself laying my head back with my eyes closed. It’s not that the game is boring as it can be great fun fishing and collecting all the hundreds of fish that there are in this game; however, the setting of the game is so pretty and peaceful… and the sounds are so soothing that all you want to do is fall asleep on the beach. By the way, you can use your character and lay down on one of the chairs on the beach and get some shut eye if you wish.

Fishing Resort is a wonderful creation that I am sure a lot of people will ignore because it is fishing. But if you enjoy fishing and like exploring and doing random things, such as quests, in video games then this is absolutely a must have title for you. There is so much depth to the game, quests and random stuff for you to do that you’ll have a lot of fun. It’s absolutely a slow paced game, but it has a lot of great qualities.

Score: 4/5

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