Sonic CD Overview: Recently Released On The XBLA and PSN

Sonic CD Overview

Sonic CD, which was originally released in 1993, makes its way back to us in the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Some of the new features available in the game are definite achievements, but especially the online leaderboards for those who like to play time attack. It also includes the original Japanese and US soundtracks for you to easily switch between. Also, you can unlock Tails by clearing the game and then use him to play through the game the next time around.

I use to call myself a Sonic fan, and recently I just don’t know why as it has been hard for me to get into any Sonic games besides the latest version, Sonic Generations. However, I have always heard wonderful things about Sonic CD and have wanted the opportunity to play it. To be honest, I struggle playing through any of the old Sonic games as I just can’t find much enjoyment out of them anymore. I don’t know if they just grew out of them or what the factor could be.

So from my point of view, if you have recently played any of the classic Sonic titles and enjoyed them then there is plenty for you to enjoy and love in this title. Especially if you haven’t played it before. For those of you who have played this title before, then you should know what to expect from it. Except this time you get the unlockable Tails character to play with as well as online leaderboards for those of you who enjoy just that.

Sonic CD still has some nice levels and boss battles but for me there is just not enough to enjoy anymore. Especially in areas of the game such as the underwater part of levels that I absolutely hate. Personally, I didn’t enjoy my time with this game. However, as I said before, if you know you love Sonic then don’t pass this up for a second. At least check out the trail version as it has that classic Sonic greatness that everyone use to love.

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