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Home Entertainment Mighty Switch Force Review: A Short But Great eShop Title
Mighty Switch Force Review: A Short But Great eShop Title

Mighty Switch Force Review: A Short But Great eShop Title


Mighty Switch Force Review

Mighty Switch Force is a platformer title available for the Nintendo 3DS located within the eShop.

One of the first things you will notice with Mighty Switch Force is that it has a really nice soundtrack, and that each level is a lot of fun to play. It also features wonderful visuals to go along with all of that. This is easily one of the best looking eShop titles available thus far with good 3D visuals to go along with it. One of the other things you will notice right away is that it only features 16 levels which becomes a bit of a disappointment. This is most likly true for some, but for me it is just right as the replay value is great for these levels. They are well designed, fun to play, and once you beat them it provides you with a challenge to beat each level within a set amount of time to perfect the level. For most people I still think you can get through the game pretty quickly even with trying to beat the time it provides. However, after your initial play through you can still try to better on your time as well, although it can get to the point where you really just can’t top your own score. Still, down the road this will be a fun game to revisit and enjoy due to its fun gameplay.

In Mighty Switch Force it is your job to get through the level by capturing girls who have escaped custody. Each one will be placed in various locations throughout the level and it is your job to make your way to them so you may capture them. While making your way to them you’ll have obstacles to get through includes blocks that you will need to switch out. Meaning, they will be solid for you to walk on but once you switch out you can pass right through them. That will become a main focus in the game and can be a decent puzzle to get yourself through. You will also have other factors in the game that can hurt you or that you will need to shoot with your gun. Such as a walking exploding guy that will blow up blocks that one of the girls may be on so that they can fall to a lower area where you are able to capture them. Each level is designed really well though so you will have a fun time doing so as you make your way through.

In the end you may wish you had more levels to play in but what they do provide you with is not worth missing out on. So you’ll have a wonderful time playing through it, and then an even better time learning the levels and trying to figure out how to beat it in the set time they give you to star each level. I will easily recommend this title and it’s only $5.99, so it will still provide you with a good challenge that is worth the money. I do hope we see more like this as this was some good fun and a nice challenge. A wonderful title for the eShop!

Score: 4/5

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