Alien Zombie Death Review: Instantly Fun Platform Shooter Action

Alien Zombie Death Review

Alien Zombie Death is a platform shooter that is available in the App Store for $1.99 with instant action!

In Alien Zombie Death you take control of a space man that shoots his way through unending waves of enemies. Your entire goal is to survive as long as you can and rack up a high score. You play on a multi-layered platform where enemies will spawn and come at you from both sides. There are 14 different worlds in which you can play, all with the same multi-layered layout though different background. Each world has its own difficulty and challenge as well. You will also see different types of enemies start to show up as you go deep into a single round as well as when you start playing the other worlds.

Alien Zombie Death is definitely an addictive title as it is easy to pick up and play right from the beginning. When playing at any level in this game it is fun to see how long you can last. The longer you survive the more difficult it will become – of course -and it is interesting to see the array of new enemies that start to appear. There are multiple items that will appear as you play, such as multiplier coins. Each time you collect a multiplier coin its value increases as the multiplier rises. However, it will reset the minute you die. You can also find different weapons to use that will last only seconds before you are back to your main gun. Some of the weapons you find can be very useful, especially the home-seeking missiles. Throughout each world you will also have UFO’s that will go down the sides of the level. The more of these that you shoot down the higher amount of points you will receive. You’ll have to pay good attention to when those indicators pop up and let you know a UFO is in play.

When you are at the selection screen for a specific level it will show you mini icons with a number by them. These icons are medals in which you earn as you play through the level – Such as get a certain score, kill a certain number of a specific enemies or collect a specific number of items. When you earn a medal it will show you on the selection screen. You will need to earn medals to unlock all levels. It’s a nice additional challenge to make sure you get all the medals for each level. Also, the game features achievements and leaderboards through Game Center. The achievements are simple enough, from earning a specific number of medals for an achievement, as well as all medals for the last achievement. Leaderboards always make games such as this more enjoyable in my opinion as it is nice to see where I rank among everyone who has played it.

When playing on the iPod Touch the controls handle very well and don’t interfere with the gameplay. It still took me a minute to get the sensitivity down and to not move my hand over too far between the move buttons. This is definitely a game I would recommend that you check out as it would be a nice addition to anyone’s library. Overall, I had a great deal of fun with Alien Zombie Death, and it’s easily a title I would keep going back to for more fun whether it’s for a quick game or a high score challenge.

Score: 4/5


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