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Home Entertainment Mutant Mudds Review: An Absolute Blast To Play
Mutant Mudds Review: An Absolute Blast To Play

Mutant Mudds Review: An Absolute Blast To Play


Mutant Mudds Review

Mutant Mudds
Nintendo 3DS eShop
Price: $8.99
Release Date: Jan 26, 2012

Opening Statement

Mutant Mudds isn’t just another great eShop title, it is quite possibly the best we’ve seen yet.

About The Game

Mutant Mudds is an action platformer that will be available only on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It is a wonderful platform title with great and well thought out level design. It very nicely eases you into the gameplay right from the beginning as you should be able to handle the difficulty just fine. It has a nice progression when it comes to it’s difficulty adding in just enough new elements as you make your way through the game. Of course, if you are like me and you have my experience, you’ll be yelling at the screen by the end. The entire game is well thought out, and you can see that they went through each level putting a lot of thought into the design and the way it plays out. By the end they really test you as the player and it becomes a really good challenge that you will most certainly love, but like any challenge, it can get to you a little bit. It is the perfect balance though, to the point where you will love it and not get too frustrated.

Speaking of balance, Mutant Mudds not only provides you with very good platform elements to make your way through, but it also provides you with some good action to go along with that. You’ll start out having your basic gun and then later on you can earn an upgrade by collecting Gold Diamonds throughout each level. You will also have a jetpack to help you hover for just a few seconds, but that as well can be upgraded to a jetpack that lasts slightly longer. Both of those elements factor in real well in this game; the jetpack especially as it creates even more lovely obstacles in the platform gameplay as you make your way through each level. Also, for detail, the gun is a high powered water gun and your jetpack is an H20 powered jetpack. That makes shooting the enemies even more fun knowing that doesn’t it?

As you make your way through Mutant Mudds you will be able to collect Gold Diamonds. While it’s not necessary to beat the level, it’s certainly necessary if you want to fully complete that level, and collecting those Gold Diamonds allows you to get the item upgrades. Also, when you get all 100 Gold Diamonds, at the level entrance before you begin, you will see a Diamond above the entrance which will become solid. The same goes for when you beat the level by collecting the Water Sprite at the end of the level. You will also notice a third slot next to the big Water Sprite which is a miniature Water Sprite. This is where those upgrades come in handy because you will need the last upgrade in order to get to a special area. As you make your way through the levels you may notice a special doorway that you would otherwise not be able to get to without the final upgrade.


Mutant Mudds is an absolute blast to play! The gameplay is very enjoyable which is thanks to the well thought out level design. There are also some nice, creative obstacles as you get towards the end.

As you play through each level there will be a time limit to go up against as well, which is one of the things that you may forget about as you will need to beat that level within a given amount of time. From the beginning I didn’t have an issue with that at all, but as I progressed through the game and I got further along I first got a “Time’s Up!” notification. It was a good reminder that I needed to pay attention to since the opening levels are kind enough to you in regards to time that you don’t need to worry about it. Actually most of the levels are that way. But once again you will come across moments that will cause you to take your time, and that may be just enough to make you worry about the time limit.

One of the more interesting points to make about this is that when I played through a level where I didn’t feel as if I had enough time to beat before collecting all the diamonds, I would go to the exit and get out. But one of the nice features is that when you replay a level you don’t have to collect every single diamond again. When you replay a level you’ll notice that the diamonds are no longer there except for the ones you didn’t collect. So basically you can get to the exit if you need to and then on your replay you can make a mad dash to the area that you didn’t have time to get to before to collect those diamonds. Though it does suck big time when you get all the diamonds and the finish is right there but you end up failing on the platform elements and then have time expire on you. However, I must say that sucks in a good and challenging way, which is certainly nothing to complain about. It’s just something you will need to learn and execute better the next time around.

Sound – Graphics

Mutant Mudds presents itself with that classic feel in both visual and sound effects. Visually the game is crisp and the multi-layered design of jumping into the background and foreground also helped the overall effects. The multi-layered design is another factor in the level design that was done really well in regards to the gameplay. The music in the title is also likable with a classic nature and sound.

Enjoyment Level – Fun Factor – Final Notes

To simply put it, I had a blast with Mutant Mudds. It was a great deal of fun in which I enjoyed every moment it had to offer. Not once did I find myself playing in a situation that I didn’t like or enjoy. Every level was absolutely smooth and a great joy to play. The obstacles that the levels create with the use of the jetpack are also a great deal of fun, eventhough they certainly get very challenging towards the end. This is easily now my favorite eShop title and it is certainly a must have for anyone. Overall, Mutant Mudds really hit’s the spot in every single aspect of the game, making it worthy of a perfect score.

Score: 5/5

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