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Home Entertainment Zen Pinball Review: Fast Paced Pinball Action
Zen Pinball Review: Fast Paced Pinball Action

Zen Pinball Review: Fast Paced Pinball Action


Zen Pinball Review

Zen Pinball
Nintendo 3DS

About the game

Zen Pinball is, of course, a pinball title that has recently been released in Nintendo’s 3DS eShop. It features 4 different machines that you can play on and each have their own uniqueness to them. It has both single and multiplayer modes for you to play in. It also features both a local leaderboard as well as online rankings, so that you can submit your scores online to see where you rank compared to your friends.

Game play – Controls

Zen Pinball is a nice arcade pinball title for those who enjoy a good game of pinball. It comes at you with a bit of pace as well which I really like and enjoy. I played a pinball title recently that has a slower feel than this game and I must say the quickness makes the gameplay much more entertaining in Zen Pinball. The pinball action handles itself really well and I don’t foresee any reason for complaint.

Enjoyment Level – Fun Factor

Zen Pinball is, in my opinion, a very good pinball experience as it has more of a fast paced nature. It’s not that fast, but in comparison to another pinball game I played it moves along quick and that makes it a heck of a lot more fun. I really enjoyed playing through this title and its different tables. It is also great that it has online rankings because that adds to the fun and gives you a more enjoyable reason to replay. It’ll certainly take you some time to master the machines and start racking up higher scores, but you’ll have fun trying every step of the way.

Final Notes

If you like pinball games then you should certainly pick this one up immediately as I am sure you will have a good time playing through it and replaying for higher scores. If you are unsure, I must reiterate that it does feel more “action packed” with its gameplay and that may be enough to cause you to enjoy this one more than other pinball titles. With this said and you are still unsure then you should probably avoid this title. Pinball fans will certainly have a good time playing through this one!

Score: 3/5

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