The Daily Verse: Sales Numbers and Bioshock, Ghost Recon and Kid Icarus Trailers

Today on The Daily Verse we look at boring February sales numbers. However, stay tuned because we have several trailer in store below it all. They include Bioshock, Kid Icarus and Ghost Recon Future Soldier. So start digging through the numbers and text for the sweet sweet vids!

Nintendo Insists Wii Still Relevant, Microsoft Claims Xbox Is Too!
So Nintendo is feeling rather good about themselves. Their Wii has been a runaway train for most of this generation, and their first party software sales have been no slouch either. In fact, they’ve hit some new sales milestones, and they decided to share them with us. The basics of their press release are.

  • Super Mario Galaxy has become the ninth Wii game to sell more than 5 million units in the United States, according to NPD.
  • The Wii system, passed 39 million units sold in February.
  • Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS each sold more than 100,000 units, bringing the life-to-date totals to more than 1.85 million and 1.45 million respectively.
  • Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version for Nintendo DS sold more than 4 million combined so far.
  • Nintendo sold 625,000 total hardware units in February and saw double-digit growth across each of its product lines compared to January.
  • Nintendo 3DS: 262,000, a 53 percent increase
  • Wii: 228,000, a 50 percent increase
  • Nintendo DS: 135,000, a 76 percent increase
  • Total: 625,000, a 57 percent increase

Not to be outdone, Major Nelson tweeted their hardware numbers as well for the month of February. 426,000 Xbox 360’s were sold for the month, making this the 12th straight month Microsoft’s console has been in the lead sales sport for the US. How long can they keep it up?

Bioshock Infinite Motorized Patriot Featurette

Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Believe in Ghosts – Episode 2

Kid Icarus Uprising Trailer

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  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on Ghost Recon Future Soldier! I’ll never take my hands off of it once I do! :p
    Definitely looking forward to Kid Icarus as well, only a couple of weeks away! 🙂

  2. The Xbox 360 is practically at the Wii price point now. And it has HD games plus online plus a good reputation. Not surprising that it’s still selling highly. I’d say Wii is almost completely irrelevant.. except for Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, games that are better than a lot of similar games in the genre available on the PS3/Xbox 360.

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