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Home Entertainment Crush 3D Review: A Hidden Puzzle Gem
Crush 3D Review: A Hidden Puzzle Gem

Crush 3D Review: A Hidden Puzzle Gem


Looking for the next hidden gen for your Nintendo 3DS game collection? Crush 3D is just the game for you. This latest puzzle game from Sega will keep you occupied for hours upon end. The concept of the game is pretty simple, each level you have to collect a certain amount of marbles to advance on with optional trophies to collect per level. In order to achieve your objective, you will need to “crush” your dimension to find solutions to problems. Crushing will bring your level from the 3D to the 2D allowing you to reach your objective in new ways.

From the very start, you learn that you have been selected by your crazy friend, The Doc, to try his new experiment. This experiment allows you to enter into your own mind. This is where we begin our adventure. Unfortunately for you, you are now stuck inside your own mind until you get to the very end and collect lots of marbles. The story gets a little silly here with the Doc, Danny, and the machine keeping you inside. But I feel it works in favor of the game and gives it some personality. Luckily, if you only care about the puzzles and not the story, you can skip all the cut scenes and go straight to the action.

The main strength of the game is the puzzles. These puzzles are pretty challenging while not so hard as to make you give up. The whole game can easily last you a good 20 hours. There is plenty to do with lots of content to collect and unlock. The main game has 40 levels to it, with each level getting slightly more challenging. As the game goes on, the levels will not only get larger, but new concepts and challenges to overcome will be introduced to you. After completing the main game and perfecting each of the 40 levels, you have the ability to test your skill by doing time runs to try to complete a level in a certain amount of time and limited crushes, a certainly challenging mode.

The look of the game has a very simple look to it. Mostly block like elements with some rounded objects like balls as well as Danny. While the look is slightly plain, the 3D effect is very good here. Viewing each level in 3D certainly helps to solve the game in a new light. I recommend keeping the 3D on.

The music and sound of the game is very simple and plain. This is your standard game world music to be found here. The only up side is that the music is very catchy and pleasant to listen to while solving the puzzles.

The game has no spotpass or DLC to it, so unfortunately there won’t be any extra levels. The game does make use of spotpass. In each level, after you acquire marbles, you can place a gift anywhere in the level for others to receive and open.

In conclusion: I very much recommend this hidden gem. If you enjoy puzzle games, you will certainly enjoy Crush 3D. The 20 hour game will give you plenty to challenge yourself with. At $20 brand new, it’s well worth the asking price.

Rating: 9/10


  1. Great review! 🙂 I have this but I haven’t gotten around to playing it. I took a punt on it because it was so cheap and it sounds like it was worth it.


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