The Daily Verse: The Witcher Recap, Wii U Rumors, Batman DLC leak, And More

To make up for an anemic weekend we have tons of news today including a Steel Battalion tutorial trailer, and some nifty Xbox controllers and the Xbox Live Content Schedule. We also have a new trailer from CD Projekt, for those of you who missed out on the original Witcher. You can watch it to catch up on the story before the games release. Head on down for all your gaming news, in todays ‘verse!

Xbox Chrome Controllers
Microsoft has announced some nifty new Special Edition Chrome Controllers for Xbox 360. The will be available in mid-May and will retail for 54.99. A bit on the steep side, but they are chrome, and they come in blue, red and silver. Decide for yourself if you want them based on the images below.

Xbox Live Schedule
Major Nelson has also posted a full schedule of content for Xbox Live content. Highlights include a release date for Fez, Forza DLC, as well as some new Games on Demand titles. The full list is below.

Rumor: Wii U Weaker Than 360 and PS3?
The interwebs are abuzz with the latest rumor about the Wii U. According to, they’ve talked to a few developers who aren’t too optimistic about the Wii U’s horsepower. Speaking with anonymous developers, they’ve heard that it is not as capable as current gen hardware, one example given, is the lack of shaders. Could this be true? Is Nintendo depending solely on the touch screen novelty for sales like they did with motion on the Wii? We’ll have to wait and see.

Possible Batman Single Player DLC Leak
CVG is reporting that we may finally be getting some non challenge map DLC for Batman: Arkham City. Apparently PS3trophies has discovered some trophies for what appear to be Robin and Harley Quinn DLC. So get ready to head back to Arkham City for some more Batarang slinging fun!

Witcher 1 Story Recap

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Tutorial

That’s all for today on The Daily Verse! Stop by every day for your gaming fix. Also, follow us on Twitter, and make sure to drop us a line down in the comments! We’re always keeping our eyes peeled to bring you all the best news in the ‘verse!


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