Rhythm Heaven Fever Review: Average, Yet Still Addicting

Rhythm Heaven Fever Review

Rhythm Heaven Fever
Rhythm Game

About The Game

Rhythm Heaven Fever is a rhythm game with over 50 mini games for you to unlock and play. The main point of the game is to match the rhythm and be perfect with your timing in each of the mini games. It has a nice variety of mini games, some of which you will enjoy a lot more than the others. It’s very easy for anyone to pick up and play, though some of them can be a challenge to learn and get the timing right.

You’ll start out with the ability to only play one mini game, you must beat each mini game to unlock the next. The games are put together in stages of 5, where you play 5 mini games and then a remix round at the end of each stage. The remix round takes the 5 games you’ve played and puts them together for one quick and somewhat difficult experience to learn. Once you play through them a few times you will learn how it’s done more efficiently, thus making your timing better and allowing you to beat the stage and move on.

As you play each stage, you don’t need to be perfect to move on to the next. You just need to be average in each part of the game to beat it. However, the better you do, the more likely you will earn a medal. The game keeps full track of your medals and also scores you with points for performing well in each game. When you are on the selection screen, once in awhile it will ask you to try and go for a perfect run on a mini game you already completed. If you accept the challenge and you actually perform a perfect run when it asks you to, you will unlock a reward. But unfortunately it is nothing that will excite you at all. Still, it’s a nice option and it’s fun to try and perfect the mini game when it asks you to. You get a nice perfect symbol on that mini game should you perfect it.

Something that makes collecting the medals in each mini game worth it is that by collecting a certain number of medals you will be able to unlock additional games for you to play in different modes. These different modes are also fun to check out and play. Another thing I should mention is that two player games are available, however, you need to unlock the first stage of mini games first as well as the first game on the second stage in order to unlock multiplayer.

Game play – Controls

The gameplay and controls are very simple as a lot of it is just pressing A or A and B at the same time. The main challenge is of course to press it with the right timing to match the rhythm.

Sound – Graphics

The music and sounds are of a decent mix and average style. It’s nothing that will annoy you at all, and thank goodness as that would have ruined the game. Unfortunately, it’s nothing to special either, but it certainly does the job good enough. Visually, it can be fairly boring, though a few games have an interesting style to it.

Enjoyment Level – Fun Factor – Final Notes

I had a very good time going through Rhythm Heaven Fever. It’s nothing that is overly outstanding or great, but it is what it is and I enjoy a game that will test my rhythm skills. If you like the sound of a rhythm game, or if you think it would be a fun challenge, then you should definitely look into this game. Rhythm Heaven Fever is certainly aimed for a younger audience though I can see most anyone enjoying a lot of what these rhythm games have to offer. It can be a great deal of fun for anyone who enjoys playing to a rhythm. If you are thinking about getting this title, take it for exactly what it is, it doesn’t overly impress but it still presents you with a good deal of fun and certainly with a nice challenge.

Score: 7/10

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