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Home Entertainment Resident Evil Revelations Review: Excellent Gameplay And Cheesy Dialog
Resident Evil Revelations Review: Excellent Gameplay And Cheesy Dialog

Resident Evil Revelations Review: Excellent Gameplay And Cheesy Dialog


Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS is Capcom’s latest attempt at bringing the classic Resident Evil series back to the horror genre. Do they succeed? For the most part, yes. The best way to describe this game is by saying that it has Resident Evil 4 action controls with early Resident Evil style horror to it.

The first thing that should be mentioned is the graphics. This is one of the best looking games, if not the best looking game for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s clear Capcom went all out with making this game look pretty. Even without using the 3D effects, the game looks and feels like you’re playing a console game in the palm of your hands. With the 3D effects, the game is taken to a whole new level of looking great. You will end up wanting to play the game 99% with 3D effects on. Unfortunately, the 1% deals with zooming in while sniping. The 3D effect is odd when sniping while you are zoomed in as it causes you to start to get dizzy. But other than that, the game looks amazing in 3D.

So how does Resident Evil: Revelations feel? The game is set in a early Resident Evil like setting with tight hallways, limited ammo, and lots of monsters roaming around. But the game controls like Resident Evil 4 with you moving around in 3rd person, or 1st person if you wish to. The game also allows you to aim and shoot bad guys with gyro support. This works very well as it adds for some improved accuracy and quick thinking in taking down the bad guys. For those that have been upset with past Resident Evil games for including a lame final boss, I am glad to let you know that the final boss here is a welcome addition with both being challenging and a blast to beat. You will certainly enjoy going up against the final boss, just be sure to stock on ammo.

Curious to know if the loveable cheesy Capcom style dialogs are in the game? Don’t worry, all your cheesy dialogs are here to stay in the latest Resident Evil game. Along with the great cheesy dialog, the sound effects and the music are also great. The music really helps bring out the eeriness to the levels that you play.

So does the story reveal some big revelations about the Resident Evil series? Well, yes and no. This is your typical Resident Evil plot, so expect some incoherent craziness to the story telling. While it is all entertaining, don’t expect it all to make much sense. It doesn’t help that the game tends to jump around from place to place around the world. Sadly, this diminishes the horror aspect a bit. The game takes place in between Resident Evil 4 and 5 with a whole new setting. This new setting introduces a new conspiracy. From here on, the game deals with this conspiracy and ultimately reveals everything to you by the end. Though revealing, it certainly adds more to the overall confusing Resident Evil story as this story tends to not contribute anything to the other current Resident Evil games.

When the story is all done, be sure to check out Raid Mode. This new mode is a great welcome to the game. Unlike the past mercenary game modes, Raid Mode is an arcade style game with some RPG elements to it. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air to the series. The game can be played with a friend locally and online, as well as by yourself. There are 20+ stages in all, each with increased difficulty and several difficulty levels, which is enough to last you a while. As you complete stages, you will start to level up and gain money to buy better guns and upgrades. The better guns you buy, the easier it is to stay alive. Each stage only takes you around 5 minutes which is perfect for some quick action while you are on the go.

In the end I very much recommend Resident Evil: Revelations to all who are looking for a great action/horror game and/or fun arcade style game for their Nintendo 3DS. The main story will last you around 15 to 20 hours and with the addition of raid mode it will easily give you 20+ hours of action pack arcade fun. This is literally 2 games in one for the price of one and a worthy addition to everyone’s game library.

Rating: 9/10



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