The Daily Verse: Capcom Captivates With Tons Of Trailers

So we’ve decided to lighten things up on the text for you today. Instead, we have a wall of trailers for you today. Along with it, some nice fact sheets to break the games down. Almost all come from Capcom’s Captivate event for this year, where they announced Lost Planet 3, and showed off new footage for a ton of their upcoming games. There’s one trailer in there that’s and odd man out. Can you find it?

All the fact sheets are in an image gallery format for the sake of neatness. Below are all the trailers. Get to it! You have your work cut out for you!

Devil May Cry 2012 – Public Enemy Trailer

Dragons Dogma Phantom Gameplay Trailer

Dragons Dogma Undead Gameplay Trailer

Lost Planet 3 Captivate Announcement Trailer

Max Payne 3 Shotguns Trailer

Resident Evil 6 Second Preview Trailer

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Captivate Trailer – Jutekki

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Captivate Trailer – Sozai

SteetFighter X Tekken Vita – Promo Video 1

SteetFighter X Tekken Vita – Gameplay Video 1

SteetFighter X Tekken Vita – Gameplay Video 2

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