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Home Entertainment Sine Mora Review: Great Style, Beautiful Game
Sine Mora Review: Great Style, Beautiful Game

Sine Mora Review: Great Style, Beautiful Game


Sine Mora Review

Sine Mora
Xbox Live Arcade

Sine Mora is a side scrolling shooter that features all the modes we should expect from a shooter. There is a story mode that explains in great detail the situation of what it is taking place in this game. The story is a fairly interesting one at that. You will be reading a lot of subtitles though as they speak their own language. They also did a nice job of easing the player into the game so that even the inexperienced at shooters will enjoy this title. The inexperienced can play the entire game on normal should they choose, while the hardcore shooters will have a lot of fun with experienced, hard and insane modes to play in. This includes Story mode, but also arcade and score attack modes as well. And like any shooter, all of these modes have increasing re-playability thanks to the online leaderboards that this game offers.

One of the first things you will notice is both the visuals and the soundtrack to this game. Visually it has a very nice design to it and one that you will enjoy when you are not busy avoiding the hundreds of bullets that are coming at you. The soundtrack is also something that you should find agreeable as it is a rather calm soundtrack with nice ambient sounds and good mellow beats. I found it to be enjoyable and to work quite nicely.

As you play through Story mode you will find that there are plenty of characters for you to unlock as well as bosses for Boss Training mode. I must say that even on Normal mode, which is the easiest mode, I couldn’t beat the game the first time without using up all of my credits. There is a very nice learning curve to this game when it comes to figuring out your enemies and learning what the bosses have to throw your way in terms of bullet patterns and more. These are patterns that you will find troublesome but fun at the same time as you go up against them. The bosses are great with multi-stage elements for you to beat. It’s probably one of the game’s best feature that helps make it a great shooter. There are also elements in the game in addition to the boss battles that make it fun as well, but your grand experience will come from facing the bosses.

You will certainly be challenged when it comes to playing this title. I had a difficult time learning the bosses on the easiest of modes when it got late in the game. However, when you are done with story mode and you want to move on to arcade or score attack, hard mode is very difficult but still a good and fun challenge. When it comes to insane mode they certainly made it an insane challenge for you. It’s still great to try and play, but good luck to the best of you on this challenge.

I had a great deal of fun playing this title and easily recommend it to those who enjoy a good side scrolling shoot-em-up title. Each plane has its own nice and unique abilities when it comes to their special weapons. There are plenty of power-ups to collect while you play to upgrade your aircraft. You also have special features such as the ability to slow down time. This helps in getting past certain parts of specific stages as well as when you have a million bullets coming your way. It also has a nice scoring system for those that enjoy going after a high score challenge. To simply put it, the gameplay in Sine Mora is great and you should enjoy every moment of it.

Score: 9/10

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