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Home Entertainment MLB 12 The Show Review: Fantastic For Baseball Fans
MLB 12 The Show Review: Fantastic For Baseball Fans

MLB 12 The Show Review: Fantastic For Baseball Fans


MLB 12 The Show Review

MLB 12 The Show
PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita

Interestingly enough, MLB 11 The Show on the PSP was my very first experience with the series. Being a long-time baseball fan and someone who always enjoys a good baseball video game, I am glad that I finally got the chance to try it out. This year was my first experience with this title on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Having both versions is a truly wonderful baseball experience – especially for those who spend a ton of hours on the console version going through their franchise mode. Remember those days of playing through your franchise mode and then being all sad because you need to go out of town without your console? Well those days will no longer affect us, because now if we leave our consoles at home we can simply pick up a PlayStation Vita and through cloud saving, continue where we left off on our franchise mode without missing a single inning.

Being able to play your same franchise mode on your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita by saving it to the cloud storage is a wonderful feature. It really gives you a perfect baseball experience no matter where you are. The two games look identical and play almost exactly the same outside of the move and touchscreen features. For the hardcore baseball fans that have the option of playing MLB 12 The Show on both the PS3 and Vita, it’s a no brainer to get both, especially if you believe you will have moments where playing on the Vita will be useful.

The gameplay in MLB 12 The Show is still top notch and it feels even smoother than the previous year. It still has all of those sliders for you to edit to give you that perfect baseball experience. Even without editing the sliders, the game is still very difficult and gives you a great challenge. Pitching seems a lot more difficult this year as pinpointing a pitch is nearly impossible. You’ll hit the area on most occasions, but to pinpoint an exact spot is very difficult. I love the style in which the game portrays pitching because it doesn’t make it perfect or a little too easy, they make you really work for your pitches. I found the hitting to be equally as difficult. You really need to practice to get it done and I just love how this game makes you work for everything. Every pitch and every at-bat is a hard fought battle in this game and it makes the experience absolutely worth it.

MLB 12 The Show continues to be a very deep game as well with a longevity that will keep you busy for a long time. You have so many things to edit with your ball club that it is just awesome and a bit silly at the same time. You can purchase stadium upgrades, training facilities, rehab facilities and additional vendors. You also get to play around with marketing which includes multiple options as well. It’s great to have these additional features in addition to the already great gameplay. It just provides more for you to do in the long run to makes the overall experience that much better.

You also have your online abilities with additional modes to play in. Of course you have your lobbies you can join to do a basic ranked match up. You can join online leagues to participate in as well. I didn’t have to many issues with online games, though there were a couple of laggy ones while playing on the Vita. The rest where fairly decent and good to play. Online keeps good track of your performance, which is very nice and it adds more overall enjoyment and depth to your experience.

I had a great deal of fun playing MLB 12 The Show and even more so by having both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 versions. Being able to go back and forth between the two is simply perfect. Especially for me as I am often out and about and wouldn’t mind continuing my Franchise or Road to the Show on the Vita. This game will give you a great challenge and any baseball fan will find themselves spending days upon days playing this title. It’s nice to have all the depth in this game which makes it a truly wonderful baseball sim.

Score: 9/10

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