The Daily Verse: Crysis 3 and Dragon’s Dogma Trailers, Plus Gungnir Pics

So we don’t have too much for you today, but what we have is worth a look. Crytek has finally release a trailer for Crysis 3. In addition to that we’ve got a dev diary from the creators of Capcom’s much anticipated RPG, Dragon’s Dogma. And while we’re on the topic of Japanese RPG’s, we’ve got screens below from Atlus’ stateside release for PSP of Gungnir. All posted with love for you, on todays Verse’.

Crysis 3 – Official Announce Gameplay Trailer (HD)

Dragons Dogma – Dev Diary 1

New Screenshots For PSP Title Gungnir
Atlus has launched a site for their new PSP RPG title, Gungnir. You can check it out here. They’ve also sent over a few screens for you to ogle. They are embedded for your ogling pleasure below.

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