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Home Entertainment Block Factory Review: A Soulless Creation
Block Factory Review: A Soulless Creation

Block Factory Review: A Soulless Creation


Block Factory is an interesting concept. The whole premise of the game is to give you the ability to create any kind of puzzle game you want. Does it live up to the potential? I would say almost, but it does lead to some fun in this unique puzzle game.

The whole concept of the game is the ability to create lots of different types of puzzle games. You are given several options in this puzzle dropping game. Such as which 3D background to have, what kind of puzzle set to use, and even what colors to use. You can choose to only match 4 like colors horizontally or 5 of any colors vertically. You can mix and match a lot of these settings. Even make your game speed up over time or fill up the bottom row with blocks. There is a decent amount of options to use here to create different puzzle games. I just wish there were more options to select. The ability to score more based upon combos or more then X pieces matching rewards you extra points. Perhaps the ability to choose how fast the game starts at as well as which direction the puzzle pieces travel. Don’t get me wrong; even without some of these extra settings, there is a decent amount of options to select from.

I do feel that the interactivity while navigating the menus and creation process could have been improved. For example, the ability to pause the game by pressing the start button would have been a welcome addition. Instead you have to press the touch screen pause icon to pause everything. Some other small nuisances are involved with the puzzle creation that I feel would have made things easier by allowing the use of the buttons to navigate, select, and continue.

Visuals and sounds in the game are mostly enjoyable. You will notice that the 3D effect is done very nicely without getting in the way of actually playing the game. Sounds and music from the game is nothing exciting, but it is enjoyable enough to not get on your nerves while playing your puzzle creation.

As the key concept is creating new levels, the developers have made it possible to share your levels with others with the help of QR codes. Just like Nintendo’s own Pushmo, you can create a QR code and save it to your 3DS at any time. Just load your SD card or use your internet’s browser to upload it so others can scan it. There will sure be some creative and fun puzzle games made, so luckily you get over 30 slots to save other puzzle creations.

As this game is all about creating different puzzles and sharing them, sadly there is no multiplayer or leaderboards of any kind here. Even head to head local multiplayer would have been a nice addition. Online interactivity might have required some creative thinking on the developer’s part, but I believe it is sadly missed with no way to playing in a friend’s creation online or even just sharing your puzzles directly with your friend list.

There is some fun to be had here with Block Factory. Once you find a good puzzle game combination, you can have some fun time with this game. There are no local or online matches or leaderboards in the game sadly. But with the ability to share your levels, this can lead to some extended play. While the game can be fun, you might have to figure out for yourself which puzzle game works best first.

Rating: 7/10

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