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Home Entertainment Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review: A Magical Puzzler
Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review: A Magical Puzzler

Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review: A Magical Puzzler


Lumines: Electronic Symphony Review: A Magical Puzzler

Lumines: Electronic Symphony
PlayStation Vita

Lumines on the PlayStation Portable was an excellent launch title for the system. Now, Lumines: Electronic Symphony is an excellent launch title for the PlayStation Vita.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony draws you in right away with a great magical feeling. The menu music is captivating. It makes you feel as if you are about to play something truly great. Lumines truly offers-up a wonderful soundtrack for you throughout the many different “skins” that you play through. The music really makes the overall experience much more enjoyable. Speaking of skins, as you unlock them you can go to the playlist mode and create your own playlist by placing those skins in the order that you would like to play them. So if you have a few favorites and a few not so favorite songs/skins, you will be able to cut those out of the lineup.

Of course, the main gameplay mode that you will begin with is the Voyage mode where you will experience it all. The gameplay is just as simple as it’s always been and just as addictive. As you play through the game, not only will you unlock additional skins but addition avatars for you to use. These avatars come with special abilities that you can use during the gameplay. Abilities such as stopping the line temporarily, changing a block into a chain reaction block and changing all three waiting blocks into single color blocks. Having those abilities can really affect the gameplay in a good and fun way. Once you use the ability it will take some time before it charges up again, so it’s something that can’t be overused.

There are two other modes that you can play in addition to voyage and playlist mode. These include stopwatch and master mode. Stopwatch gives you four different time limits to compete in as you try and get as high of a score as quickly as possible. Master mode is basically a survival mode where the blocks will come down fast and you simply have to try to survive until the end. There is also a duel mode for those who have someone local to play against. As you play the game you will also be contributing to the “World Block” which has 10 million blocks within it. You will get to see how many players contributed, how many blocks remain and what your contribution was. You contribute just by playing the game.

Once again this is a fantastic puzzle game with wonderful music and enjoyable skins. Each time you begin the game on the main menu you will see your friends list on the left side so you can see who the current leaders are and what their high scores and level of ranking are. After every game you will gain experience points to level up your ranking. Having the friends list available there is a nice feature and it quickly shows you what you are up against as you begin to play again. You can also check out the leaderboards for each game mode by looking at your friends’ rankings or overall rankings. This is a must own title for the PlayStation Vita, and especially so for those who enjoy puzzle games.

Score: 9/10

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  1. You should definitely get a Vita. You won’t be disappointed by it, even if this is the only game you get for it at first. 🙂


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