Cox Uses Hilton & Richie As Dirt Muses

Former FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX has combined socialite pals PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE to create a high-living, party-girl character for her TV show DIRT.

Cox, who plays a ruthless tabloid editor in the hit U.S. drama, combined Hilton and Richie’s headline-grabbing moments and created the character Milan Carlton.

In the second season premiere of Dirt next month (Mar08), the socialite character, who shares Hilton’s European city first name and hotel chain surname, is arrested for driving the wrong way on a freeway – the crime Richie was punished for.

Carlton also leads the paparazzi on a hair-raising chase through Hollywood – one of Britney Spears’ favorite pastimes.

Cox, who is also the series executive producer, says, “You’re gonna be able to identify these characters pretty easily.

“We’re just poking fun and hopefully no one will get their feelings hurt.”