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Home Entertainment Shifting World Review: A Shifting Good Time
Shifting World Review: A Shifting Good Time

Shifting World Review: A Shifting Good Time


What makes Shifting World for the Nintendo 3DS a fun and interesting game? It’s the ability to take your current world and turn it on its side and invert the whole world. It’s a really fun concept that works out well.

The main concept of the game is the ability to shift the world around you, allowing you to invert the world around you. This is a rather creative process that lends itself to some unique and challenging puzzle. As you progress through the game, you will come across new tricks to try out. Such as the ability to jump into holes to invert the world without turning it on its side. A new twist to the series is the ability to reduce the entire dimension to 2D and back. Kinda similar to Crush 3D in a way. This allows you to reach new areas and manipulate the world around you. All of this brings out a very fun and complex challenge to be solved.

The length of the game is pretty decent. The main campaign is about 8 to 10 hours. There is some added padding with the game challenging you to complete each level later on in the time trails. There is not much else to do with the game after you fully beat it that is – Unless you’re interested in challenging yourself again at the puzzles. Some of these levels get fairly challenging, requiring you to really focus.

The main look of the game is very clean. Since the game deals with inverting the world when you shift, there is only black and white. This seems to work well with the 3D. While it is not very strong, it is however nice to view and does not blur. The sound and music of the game is simple but enjoyable to listen to.

There is one main complaint I have with this game. It is a rather big one at first. The issue comes at trying to move and jump at the same time. If you start off at a still position and immediately try and go into a run and try to jump at the exact same time, you will end up moving without jumping. This issue can get rather annoying, as most of the time you will come to experience this while trying to avoid the spikes. I have learned an easy way to overcome it though. My best advice is to move first and then hit the jump button. It may take some practice, but you can learn to overcome this rather annoying issue.

Shifting World is another great puzzle game to add to your 3DS collection. The only real complaint is the issue of jumping. Although I think the game might have been done better off as an eShop game, it is still worth your time to check out for a budget game. This is a great puzzle game for those who like a challenge.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Hey, it’s Mdesilva here! I was wondering… have you tried the Shift games for iPhone and Flash? This is the sequel to those! If you have, compare them. How much better is Shifing World, and, how much should I get it rather than waiting for Mario Tennis, HoR, Rayman, and Pokemon Conquest to save money?

  2. I have not played the other version, other then part of the flash game. Should be noted that this is not just a port of the same levels. In fact, these are brand new levels with some new abilities. So I would say this is a spiritual sequel.


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