Wheels of Destruction Review: Nice Arenas To Do Battle In

Wheels of Destruction Review

Wheels of Destruction
PlayStation Network

Wheels of Destruction is an action racing title available on the PlayStation Network.

Wheels of Destruction is exactly that as you find yourself driving one of five different vehicles that are designed with their own strength and purpose. Each vehicle comes equipped with different weapon slots. One is your main gun while others are usually a missile or flame thrower. You will find numerous weapon icons throughout each map to equip your vehicle with. Same goes for a shield and repair icons should you need them. You will be able to play this title both offline and online however, you are probably better off playing online. I think it will be more enjoyable for you. The offline mode is exactly the same except with the computer. Your main game modes include deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag. Capture the flag is always a lot of fun with this type of game and Wheels of Destruction is no exception.

The gameplay can be a lot of fun once you get use to the controls. I had a hard time adjusting mostly because I wanted to aim with the right joystick. You aim by turning your vehicle and you will also get a little help with an automatic aim feature. So it wasn’t the best set up in my opinion but it worked well enough. You also have a button to boost and another button that allows you to jump. Throughout each course there are portals that transfer you and others that, if you jump within them, will cause you to jump even higher. The courses are laid out pretty well and can be enjoyable while doing battle with each other and definitely while playing capture the flag.

Unfortunately while I was playing it was hard to find an online match to play against others. With that in mind, unless you know others who have the game and will play with you, you may end up playing mostly against the CPU which for this type of game is not as fun. I’m not saying that you won’t have a good time, but the experience is built on a multiplayer experience. It’s a decent arcade game and especially so for those who enjoy a battle with vehicles. I wish it had a little more depth in terms of game modes and things to do, and if it did I think it would have kept people around longer for the increased action. There are plenty of rewards and extras to unlock as you play the game and there are some challenging trophies that have been built for those who play a long time.

Score: 6/10

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