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Home Entertainment UEFA Euro 2012 Review: Feel The Experience
UEFA Euro 2012 Review: Feel The Experience

UEFA Euro 2012 Review: Feel The Experience


UEFA Euro 2012 Review: Feel The Experience

UEFA Euro 2012
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
EA Sports

UEFA Euro 2012 is a digital expansion pack available through FIFA 12.

I haven’t played FIFA 12 in awhile, plus I am really looking forward to the actual Euro 2012 this summer, but with that combination as I began playing UEFA Euro 2012, I immediately felt the excitement and was driven right into the experience that this game offers. It features all 53 UEFA national teams with all 8 of the official stadiums and it does a great job at capturing the atmosphere. The expansion pack was well put-together with good menus and presentations which make for a good experience.

There are multiple modes to play in, but you can also jump right into the tournament. If you want to play in other modes, it has a brand new UEFA Euro 2012 exclusive expedition mode led by your create-a-player from FIFA 12. In this mode you will build your own team and go up against all 53 national teams. I like the set up and it’s an extra feature that can keep you busy for a long time. Each time you win you will be able to grow your team with better players by taking a player from the team you just beat. It’s pretty much like building your fantasy team as you set out to conquer all of Europe.

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You also have an online competition which plays out like the tournament does instead of just a simple versus match. Playing online makes every match even more intense knowing that you need the points to move on – Especially when it comes down to the finals, it really becomes an absolute blast to play online. You will also find that UEFA Euro 2012 has a challenges mode displaying challenges for you to complete based on real life happenings.

Do yourself a favor and get this expansion pack to go along with your copy of FIFA 12. It is well worth the $19.99 or 1,800 Microsoft points, especially as it will help with the build-up for the anticipation of the Euro 2012 games this summer. If you are itching to play this title but are still unsure, just imagine how you will be feeling about this title once the actual games start? You will probably want to play this expansion alongside the actual games, so you may as well get it now and enjoy it. I certainly recommend this for any soccer/football fans!

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